Best held items in Pokémon Unite

Held items in Pokémon Unite are a key component to the gameplay. You can hold up to three of them, once you reach high enough Trainer Level. The items can be bought from the store or earned via challenges. Each held item can be upgraded, providing massive stat boosts, however this costs 2587 item enhancers to reach max rank. Here are the best held items in Pokémon Unite.

Best held items for Junglers & Carries

Junglers and Carries have similar held items, though there is variance depending on whether the Pokémon uses the Attack or Special Attack stat. Their items help maximize damage output and provide them with extra utility, such as Critical hits on Scope Lens or the healing from Shell Bell.

Strong Attack items include Muscle Band, Scope Lens, Float Stone, and Attack Weight.

Strong Special Attack items include Shell Bell, Wise Glasses, and Special Attack Specs.

Scoring Items are also great choices, but they heavily rely on scoring goals. If your team is behind, you won’t be able to score and get the additional stats. However, if you use Score Shield, you can mitigate interruptions when scoring.

The best scoring items the Attack Weight and Special Attack Specs.

Best held items for Supports & Tanks

Supports and Tanks should use held items that boost their health or defensive stats. Besides the substats, the passives that these items provide are great utility. Items like the Assault Vest will provide a Special Attack shield, while Focus Band will provide massive HP regeneration.

Strong tank items include Focus Band, Assault Vest, Rocky Helmet, and Exp Share.

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