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Best hot drop locations in Call of Duty: Warzone Verdansk ‘84

Call of Duty: Warzone has been given a substantial overhaul with the launch of Season 3. Shifting from the modern Verdansk setting, Warzone players now have the opportunity to drop into the altered Verdansk ‘84 map and learn the ins and outs of specific locations.

The new map, while retaining a familiar feeling, has changed quite a bit. With improved visuals and lighting, the map pops right away. However, it’s the distinctive changes to Verdansk’s POI that are really changing the game.

With Call of Duty: Warzone Season 3 now in effect, it’s time to go over the best hot drop locations in Verdansk ‘84.


I don’t think we could talk about hot drop locations without including Superstore. Yes, once again the Superstore POI is attracting teams swarms of players every match, and for good reason too.

For the most part, Superstore has been left untouched. The area has been given a pallet swap and improved lighting on the interior so it’s easier to spot campers. That said, Superstore remains an attractive hot drop area due to its added skylights on the roof. Instead of constantly parachuting into the rear window, players can now directly land through the glass and into Superstore. Additionally, the top of the shelves is now accessible, adding more verticality to the area.

While dominating teams within Superstore used to be able to settle uncontested, be warned that’s no longer the case. The addition of the following hot drop location adds more complexity to the Superstore drop.

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Factory is a new POI introduced in the Warzone Season 3 update. It’s located right across from Superstore, where the old car dealership used to be located. Although the size of Factory isn’t substantial, it does make for a great hot drop location.

Of course, any new POI in a battle royale game attracts attention. However, Factory is viable for a number of reasons. First is that the location includes two sizable warehouses to seek cover in and loot in those first crucial minutes of a match. Factory also has various heights which teams can use to gain an advantage over others that have dropped in the area.

It’s important to note that Factory is in close proximity to Superstore. If you’re running with a confident team, you can use Factory as a starting point and clean up Superstore survivors. Alternatively, aggressive Superstore teams could push Factory, so always be on high alert.


Summit is one of the more interesting new POIs to be introduced in Season 3. As a replacement for Dam, Summit consists of three major hubs all connected by moving gondolas. Due to the sheer size of Summit, multiple teams can drop into the location, with each having the chance to set themselves up before combat ensues.

Image credit: Activision

Summit is perhaps the most dynamic and unique POI added to Verdansk. The dam itself has been replaced with the Gora Viaduct, which does not offer a lot of cover. This can be used to your advantage when teams decide to cross from one side to the other. Summit spans all the way to the bottom where the lower-dam used to reside. Plus, Summit provides a helicopter in each match that teams can fight for.

All around, Summit is a very viable and exciting hot drop locations in Verdansk ’84. It has become one of my favorite additions in the new season, and if you like to get in fights right off the drop, you will feel at home here.


Alongside Superstore, Hospital has always been a favored Warzone hot drop location. I am pleased to say that not much has changed for the tried and true POI. Teams dropping into Hospital will discover very little has changed from its layout, aside from some minor things.

Hospital remains a very viable drop location in Verdansk ’84 for the same reasons it did on the modern map. The sheer size of the Hospital’s area gives the team enough space to loot on their own and rally on opposing teams. As with the modern map, Hospital’s central hub provides a lot of height to examine the location. The interiors still provide cover, as well as prime looting locations.

It appears as though Raven Software recognized what works for Hospital and didn’t fix what wasn’t broken.


The dynamic of Downtown is slightly changed. The area used to be a chaotic death trap due to how compact buildings are. One skyscraper that resided in modern Verdansk ultimately gave way to early campers and snipers dominating the area.

Image credit: Activision

Thankfully, the height of Downtown’s prime skyscraper has been reduced to it now being under construction. The density of Downtown has been changed with fewer buildings. It’s now become a viable drop spot that doesn’t force teams to always engage with enemies at every turn.

Keep checking back – we will continue to cover the changes and updates to Warzone in the future.

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