Best Jungler items to buy first in Pokemon Unite

Buying held items is important in Pokemon Unite, but it’s not always clear which items you should buy for the jungler role. Items can turn a game in your favor, and allow you to do things you normally cannot do. I will go over which items you should buy first, and what to consider before buying each item.  

Muscle Band 

The Muscle Band is a good item for improving any Pokemon’s power. Here is how it works: 

“When basic attacks hit, the damage is increased by 1/2/3% of the opposing Pokemon’s remaining HP.” 

The Muscle Band can be used for physical attackers and special attackers, making it a versatile item. The added effect can give you the extra damage you need to win a fight.  


Scope Lens  

The Scope Lens is only for Pokemon that can take advantage of critical hits and deal physical damage on their attacks. For example, Absol’s ability gives it a higher critical-hit chance than normal. It also excels on Pokemon who can also deal a lot of damage with their basic attacks such as Greninja. Here is how it works: 

“Increases the damage of basic attack critical hits. The higher the Pokemon’s Attack, the more the damage increases.”   

You can tell if the Pokemon you want to play is an attacker or special attacker by looking at them in the Pokemon menu. The game will say Attack or Sp. Atk under the Pokemon’s difficulty level. The Scope Lens can be combined with other items that increase your Attack, such as the Attack Weight, to improve its power.


Choice Specs 

Choice Specs is the item you want for special attackers, never run this item on a physical attacker. Here is how it works: 

“Adds a minimum of 40/50/60 damage to moves when they hit. The higher the Pokemon’s Sp. Attk is, the more this additional damage is increased.” 

This item is great for improving the base power of your abilites, and this extra damage can catch your opponents off guard. You can increase the power of Choice Specs more by using it with Sp. Attk Specs and Wise Glasses. This makes a glass cannon build that is perfect for Pokemon like Gengar. 


Focus Band 

The Focus Band is a defensive item to help counter how squishy some Pokemon are. Here is how it works: 

“When the Pokemon drops to low HP, then each second for 3 seconds, it recovers 8/11/14% of the HP it had lost.” 

When you are playing a Jungler, you can sometimes find yourself in a tough situation. Maybe the opponent’s backup has arrived, or you did not deal as much damage as you expected. The Focus Band can help save your life in these situations, giving you enough health to flee your opponents and survive. It is also helpful in chaotic team fights, the Focus Band can heal you at just the right moment to survive a lethal attack. This will give you a small window to fight back and hopefully turn the battle in your team’s favor.


Buddy Barrier 

The Buddy Barrier is a defensive item that also benefits your team. Here is how it works: 

“When the Pokemon uses its Unite Move, that Pokemon and nearby ally Pokemon with the lowest HP are each granted a shield equal to 15/20/25% of their max HP.” 

By reading its effect you can imagine how big of an impact this item can make during a team fight. The shield it provides can help your team live through incoming damage. If multiple players on your team have this item, you can stagger each other’s Unite moves to get another shield. The Buddy Barrier also gives your Unite Move extra utility, giving you the option to use your Unite offensively or defensively.

buddy-barrier pokemon unite

Razor Claw 

The Razor Claw is an offensive item that is only for physical melee attackers. Here is how it works: 

“After the Pokemon uses a move, a minimum of 10/15/20 damage is added to its next basic attack. The higher the Pokemon’s attack is, the more this additional damage is increased. When this item is held by a melee Pokemon, this additional damage also decreases the movement speed of opposing Pokemon for a short time.” 

Having the ability to slow an opponent you are attacking is strong, especially for melee Pokemon. With the extra damage from Razor Claw, and any other items you may have, you can easily pick off a player who is out of position.

razor-claw pokemon unite

Attack Weight 

The Attack Weight is a more advanced item to use to increase your power, and is only for physical attackers. Here is how it works:  

“When the Pokemon scores a goal, its Attack increases by 6/12/18.”  

When using the Attack Weight you have to be confident in your scoring ability. If you cannot make scores during the game, then this item slot is wasted. If you can manage to score multiple times though, the Attack Weight can increase the power of other items you have such as the Scope Lens.


There are the items I recommend buying first for jungler in Pokemon Unite. Remember to take into account the abilities of the Pokemon you want to play before buying items. If you are trying to narrow your choices more there is a way to check the popular builds. Just go to the Held Items menu, and press the Y button to see example sets for the selected Pokemon.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more Pokemon Unite guides

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