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Best League of Legends champions for low Elo

So, I know a lot of you struggle to win games in low Elo and no matter how hard you try you still can’t climb. Well, one of the major problems behind this unfortunate situation can be derived from playing champions too mechanically demanding for your own skill level. To help with that, I am going to share with you guys my personal list of the five best League of Legends champions for low Elo, to help you climb faster and with less pain.


Annie is, by far, one of the easiest and strongest burst control mages in the game. Since she is one of the champions with the longest auto-attack range in the lane, you will be able to punish your opponent with auto-attacks every time they try to last-hit a minion.

Another great aspect of Annie is how easy it is to farm with this champion, considering that whenever you last hit the minion with your Q, you regain 100% of the mana used to cast it. In effect, you won’t ever run out of mana when killing minions. In certain games where you won´t be able to snowball from kills, having high minion kills per minute will surely allow you to keep up with your opponents or even outpace them and become stronger.

Annie’s combo requires no special knowledge. Simply put, you cast abilities until you reach four stacks, so you can then be able to stun your opponent on the next cast. You can go all-in with either Q or R.It is a really easy combo and if you are in range, it’s impossible to miss your Q considering it is a targeted ability.

Annie scales great with items, so once you have one or two items, you have the potential of completely deleting any mid-lane champion from a fight if you just manage to reach them. Her abilities have short cooldowns, so if you used your combo differently and didn’t finish off your opponent, you will get another chance to soon after.

This awesome champion is pretty powerful when it comes to roaming and baiting. You can choose to reach level 6, hard push the lane, and permanently roam throughout the map looking for picks with your ultimate. Alternatively, you can deny enemy vision and wait in a bush you think the enemy will pass by – if executed well, your prey will not have the time to react and counter your combo. If you already have the right items, it will be an easy kill.

Overall, Annie is a pretty easy League of Legends champion that can be played by anyone at any Elo, even new players.

Best LOL Champions for Low ESO
Image by Riot Games


Amumu is one of the easiest tanks-slash-mages to play in League of Legends. Amumu´s combo is pretty simple: you press Q (which is the only skillshot you have) and then just follow it up with your W and E abilities.

Amumu’s ultimate is one of the best in the game for team fighting, as it immobilizes anyone within the set range, so if you manage to get yourself in a position where you get to use it on multiple enemies, you can easily set your team up for victory.

Amumu scales beautifully with items, whether you go AP or tank. After one or two crucial items, you will either be a rock or a one-shot machine, and when in the mid or late-game stage you should be ahead of most of your opponents.

With Amumu, ganks are pretty easy to do, if you have a laner that can follow up to your Q. In case your laner is pushed in and the opponent doesn’t respect your presence, a dive can totally be accomplished with your ult, resulting in some free kills.

Best LOL Champions for Low ESO
Image by Riot Games


Malphite is another really simple tank/mage League of Legends champion to play in low Elo, or any Elo. He is quite literally a “rock”, and he scales great with tank items. He has no problem functioning as an unkillable frontliner, but also scales great with AP items, so he can also rock out some respectable burst damage.

As for the playstyle, it is up to your preferences or your team composition. The way you play Malphite in lane is pretty simple. You usually take the Arcane Comet rune and just try to bully your opponent with your Q as much as you can.

Since your Q slows the enemy, you will have a bigger chance of landing Comet hits for extra damage. Malphite does kind of lack mana in the early game, so you should only use Q when the Arcane Comet is up. If you play against a ranged champion, you might struggle to farm minions, so you should just stay in range of getting EXP, and last-hit with your Q.

In case you play against a melee champion, using your W (Empowered Autos) and your E in a duel gives you a pretty big chance of out-trading your opponent. Kills become easier with your ultimate, as this is the stage of the game where you are most useful. You can either poke your opponent down in lane and then use your ultimate to finish them off, or you can be useful elsewhere and try to telepor- gank and roam with your ultimate for free kills. You will help get your team ahead in either scenario.

Overall, Malphite is a pretty easy and powerful League of Legends champion that can still be useful and turn the game around with his ultimate, even if it hangs back and plays passively for long periods of time.

Malphite LoL
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Jax is one of the strongest duelist champions in League of Legends, whether you are playing in low Elo or not. Jax is really versatile, and if you play against a melee champion, you are able to out-trade them most of the time, as your E doesn’t just stun your opponent but also blocks their abilities.

Jax scales great with items, so if you play against a ranged champion who pressures a lot, or a hard matchup in general, you can just farm safely and split-push as you become stronger than those champions in the late game.

Depending on the course of the game, you can either group with your team and look for a team fight, or apply pressure in the side lanes and either guarantee objectives for your teammates or make the opponents lose something for taking said objectives.

Jax is excellent in both scenarios. Overall he is a simple champion with easy mechanics and a champion who can adapt to any game phase.

Jax LoL
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Last but not least is Kayle. Kayle is not as easy as the other low Elo League of Legends champions I mentioned on this list but is just as strong.

One major tip to playing Kayle is to farm safely and just survive until level 6. At this point, you will get your ultimate and marksman range. Why do this? Well, in the early game, unless you play against a melee tank, it is going to be difficult out-damaging most champions.

Once you hit 6, you can poke your opponent down with autos and your E (Empowered Autos) and play a bit more aggressively as you have your ultimate (invulnerability and damage). Kayle scales great with items, so when you get your two core items you can easily win one on one fights.

Kayle LoL
Image by Riot Games

When you reach level 11 with Kayle you gain more range and area-of-effect fire waves beginning from every third auto-attack. They do insane damage and help you to clean waves faster.

Just like Jax, you can either play as a split-pusher or help your teammates win fights with your ultimate, which does insane damage. Because of her ability kit, Kayle is a champion that can always get ahead of her opponents due to how easy it is to have high minion kills, so whether you are fed in kills or not, you can still be stronger than anyone else in the late game.

The game is practically over for the enemy team if you reach level 16, where fire waves accompany every auto-attack, and you gain max auto attack range. If you manage to get to this stage of the game and play well, you can sometimes fight 1v5 and pull of crazy wipes. Kayle really does that much damage.

And that is it! That is my guide for the best League of Legends champions for low Elo, and I hope it helps you!

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