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Best loot locations in Call of Duty: Warzone Verdansk ‘84

Coming into Call of Duty: Warzone Season 3, many are likely wondering where the best loot is in Verdansk ‘84. With an overhaul in appearance and major changes to POIs, a lot has changed.

The addition of new locations and reworked environments has changed the current meta in a huge way compared to previous seasons. Due to the changes, teams eager to drop and quickly find the best loot and most cash now have to alter their strategies.

We’ll cover some of the best areas for loot in Verdansk ‘84 so you get yourself set up and purchase your Warzone loadout efficiently.


In Verdansk ‘84, Dam was replaced with a fleshed-out new location dubbed Summit. This area makes for a great first location to loot due to its sheer size. The area is composed of three semi-large stations.

There is ample opportunity to scrounge for ground-loot and crates to quickly arm yourself. In between each station, a functioning gondola can take you to the next station with relative safety. Even if other teams approach or begin to loot at the same time, you should be able to find enough equipment to take them on.

Warzone Sumamit (1)
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All the Superstore purists can remain calm. Superstore continues to be an incredibly viable and downright essential place to loot for quick cash and weaponry. Most of the changes to the area are purely cosmetic. As long-time players can expect, a fight is almost certainly going to break out if you decide to go for the big bucks.

Superstore’s interior continues to house an assortment of crates and large piles of cash to pick up. Additionally, the location now features mantles to access the top of the shelves, giving way to even more loot opportunities.


Airport was rarely ever in the conversation of best looting areas. However, Season 3’s Verdansk ‘84 changes that and makes Airport one of the leading locations for loot.

Image credit: Activision

The refreshed map has cleaned the exterior and the interior of Airport up. The roof, which used to feature a large hole in it, has not collapsed. This means players landing on the top can no longer pick off unsuspecting teams running inside. Teams that manage to make their way inside can take their time and feel a bit safer while searching for the next crate. The Airport’s second floor, which was covered in debris, is now clear, allowing for additional looting spots.

The exterior areas of Airport can also be looted as well. Though due to the map changes, the hole blown into the Airport’s runway is no longer there, making that area inaccessible. It’s a fair trade-off, as Airport itself now stores more crates and ground loot to pick up.


Truthfully, in the past Lumber has always been a solid POI to land at with the intention of looting. It’s dense enough that teams can work from building to building quickly, gaining enough cash for a loadout.

The Verdansk ‘84 map changes have left Lumber well enough alone. There have been no significant changes to the area aside from minor changes. With that in mind, I’ll continue to recommend Lumber. More specifically, the main warehouse is a prime loot spot to run through, as it always stores multiple crates on each level.

The surrounding buildings and houses offer some additional looting opportunities. Though, it’s the heart of Lumber that should be your focus.


The new Factory POI is ripe with loot. Although many teams are consistently dropping in due to it being so new, it’s recommended you follow in order to get some optimal loot yourself.

Image credit: Activision

Factory is a fairly small area, located right next to Superstore. It comprises two large warehouses, a few small buildings, and other lootable areas. However, it’s the multi-level warehouses you’ll want to focus on the most. A quick run-through of each warehouse should provide a substantial amount of loot for your team.

Additionally, there is a small underground network of hallways connecting the two. This adds more rooms to loot. Also, underneath Factory is a bunker entrance. However, it is currently inaccessible. That said, become familiar with Factory now as once the bunker can be opened, the location will only get better for looting.

Stick around for more Call of Duty: Warzone content, and make sure to check our list of the best hot drop locations on Verdansk ’84.

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