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Best perks for BxR-55 Battler Pulse Rifle aka the Halo Battle Rifle | Destiny 2

The Halo Battle Rifle has been reimagined in Destiny 2. Coming with a unique frame that promotes firing from the hip, the BxR-55 Battler has some of the most controllable recoil in the game. Here are the best perks you should look for on the BxR-55 Battler in Destiny 2.

Perks and rolls

Range, reload, and stability should be the stats you focus on for this Pulse Rifle. Arrowhead Brake, Chambered Compensator, Polygonal Rifling, and Smallbore are the best barrel perks you can get. For magazine perks, look for Flared Magwell, Ricochet Rounds, Light Mag, or Accurized Rounds.

Outlaw is the only true reload perk on this weapon. Perpetual Motion is there, but it comes with the addition of bonus stability and handling. Demolitionist is great for grenade builds and pairs well with Adrenaline Junkie from the second column. Killing Wind is great for the added mobility, handling, and weapon range.

Blunt Execution Rounds is a new damage perk present only on this weapon. It adds bonus damage and handling after dealing melee damage. Your other damage perk options are Kill Clip and Adrenaline Junkie. While Rangefinder is present, it doesn’t have much-added utility as the weapon promotes hip-firing.

Best combos for BxR-55 Battler in Destiny 2

Here are the best perks and rolls you should look for on BxR-55 Battler in Destiny 2:

  • Demolitionist + Adrenaline Junkie
  • Outlaw + Kill Clip
  • Perpetual Motion + Blunt Execution Rounds

Is BxR-55 Battler any good?

The BxR-55 Battler may be one of the best Pulse Rifles in the game. Its new frame type promotes a new of play that hasn’t quite been seen before in Destiny 2. Hopefully, Bungie keeps this frame type exclusive to this weapon.

The BxR-55 Battler can be found in Xur’s Treasure Hoard in Eternity.

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