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Best perks for The Last Breath Auto Rifle | Destiny 2

The Last Breath was an Auto Rifle in Destiny 2 originally only obtained from Trials of the Nine, which has been reintroduced with new perks and rolls. Here are the best perks you should look for on The Last Breath in Destiny 2.

Perks and rolls

Auto Rifles, especially those in the Adaptive archetype, need additional range and recoil control. For barrel perks look for Corkscrew Rifling, Arrowhead Brake, or Hammer-Forged Rifling. For magazine perks look for Ricochet Rounds or High-Caliber Rounds.

Subsistence is a great choice for this Auto Rifle as it refills your magazine upon getting a kill. The other strong choice is Demolinist, which is great for grenade builds. Besides those two perks, your next best options are Killing Wind and Dynamic Sway Reduction.

Your options for damage perks on this weapon are Frenzy, One For All, and Adrenaline Junkie. All are relatively strong, and your optimal pick comes down to playstyle and activity. Osmosis is here as well, which lets you run a three energy type build. If you want to bring up the range, then look for Rangefinder.

Best combos for The Last Breath in Destiny 2

Here are the best perks and rolls you should look for on The Last Breath in Destiny 2:

  • Demolitionist + Adrenaline Junkie
  • Subsistence + Frenzy
  • Dynamic Sway Reduction + Rangefinder

Is The Last Breath any good?

As a 600 RPM Auto Rifle, The Last Breath is a versatile gun that is great in PvE. Demolitionist can be paired with a damage perk which makes it a strong choice for a Verity’s Brow Warlock build. Similar to Judgment, the combination of Demolinisiton and Adrenaline Junkie is strong and this combo is relatively rare.

The Last Breath can be farmed in the Prophecy Dungeon, specifically the Cube encounter.

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