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Best perks for the Pleiades Corrector scout rifle | Destiny 2

Pleiades Corrector is a solar scout rifle from Season of the Splicer in Destiny 2. Another Lightweight frame like Eternal Blazon, it boosts movement speed and has a handling stat. Here are the best perks and rolls you should look for on Pleiades Corrector in Destiny 2.

Perks and rolls

You should look to increase stability and range on Pleiades Corrector. The best barrel perks are Chambered Compensator, Fluted Barrel, and Corkscrew Rifling. In terms of magazine perks, keep an eye out for Armor-Piercing Rounds, High Caliber Rounds, or Ricochet Rounds.

In the first column there are plenty of good options that cater to different playstyles. Surplus is still one of the best perks in the game due to its versatility. Outlaw is available for the boosted reload speed. To avoid reloading, look for Fourth Time’s The Charm or Subsistence.

Multikill Clip is the only damage perk this scout rifle has access to. While it gives a solid damage buff, it can be tough to get the max amount of stacks. For extra ability regen, look for either Wellspring or Demolitionist, which are both kill-based perks.


Here are the best perks and god rolls you should look for on Pleiades Corrector in Destiny 2:

  • Surplus + Demolitionist – Best for PvE
  • Outlaw + Multikill Clip – Great in both PvE and PvP
  • Fourth Time’s The Charm + Wellspring


Similar to Eternal Blazon, Pleiades Corrector is a niche pick for Destiny 2 players who enjoy using scout rifles. Overall it is a solid feeling scout with naturally high aim assist. It will more than likely see more play once scout rifle mods are back in rotation. Pleiades Corrector is a world drop but can also be farmed through Umbral Engrams. 

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