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Best perks for the Summoner Auto Rifle – 2022 update | Destiny 2

The Summoner has been reintroduced in Destiny 2 in the Witch Queen expansion. It has some new perks and has gotten the added bonus of Origin Traits. In this quick guide, we take a look at the updated perks on The Summoner in Destiny 2 to highlight the best perks and god rolls for it.

So, what’s new on the Summoner?

  • Removed perks: Underdog, Zen Moment, Dragonfly, Celerity
  • Added perks: Perpetual Motion, Heating Up, Compulsive Reloader, Focused Fury, Multikill Clip, Harmony, Wellspring, Golden Tricorn

Perks and rolls

Stability and range are your key stats on this weapon. Smallbore and Hammer-Forged are great barrel perks for increasing the range. Corkscrew Rifling adds to the range, while adding to the stability and handling as well. High-Caliber Rounds and Ricochet Rounds are the go-to mag perks on the Summoner.

Overflow still reigns as the king perk in the first column. The increased mag size helps with stacking damage perks and getting kills. Perpetual Motion is here as well, and these stat bonuses activate while moving. If you want to take this into PvP, look for Dynamic Sway Reduction or Rangefinder.

The best choices for damage perks are Rampage and Multikill Clip. Both these stack up to 3 times, however Multikill Clip provides more damage at max stacks. Other damage perk options include Harmony, Focused Fury, and Golden Tricorn. These three perks are pretty niche and require you to adjust your playstyle. Wellspring and Elemental Capacitor are the remaining perks in this tree.

Best combos for the Summoner in Destiny 2

Here are the updated perks and rolls you should look for on the Summoner in Destiny 2:

  • Heating Up + Rampage
  • Overflow + Rampage
  • Perpetual Motion + Multikill Clip

Is the Summoner any good?

The Summoner is still one of the best Auto Rifles in Destiny 2. As a 600 RPM, it is well-rounded and can be used in both PvE and PvP. With Rangefinder swapping columns, it can now be paired with a damage perk as well. Its new set of updated perks allows for some great and lethal combinations.

The Summoner drops from Trials of Osiris and can also drop Adept when going Flawless on the designated week.

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