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Best perks on Come To Pass Auto Rifle | Destiny 2

The Witch Queen expansion brought plenty of new weapons to Destiny 2. Some of them can be farmed from the Wellspring, the new Throne World activity. One such weapon is the Come to Pass Auto Rifle -here are the best perks you should look for it in Destiny 2.

Perks and rolls

Handling and stability are the stats you should focus on. They are relatively low when compared to the range stat. For barrel perks look for Arrowhead Brake, Chambered Compensator, and Corkscrew Rifling. The best magazine perks are Accurized Rounds, Appendid Mag, and Tactical Mag.

Come to Pass can get some solid neutral game perks. Triple Tap helps mitigate ammo consumption by returning shots to the magazine. Perpetual Motion gives solid stat boosts, all for just moving around. Stats For All provides the same bonus but requires you to shoot three enemies to get it.

Your options for damage perks are Golden Tricorn or One for All. Golden Tricorn requires a matching subclass to get the most out of the perk. One for All activates upon shooting three different enemies. In high content, Adaptive Munitions could be useful for Match Game scenarios and for breaking shields.

Best combos for Come To Pass in Destiny 2

Here are the best perks and rolls you should look for on Come To Pass in Destiny 2:

  • Stats for All + One for All
  • Triple Tap + Dragonfly
  • Genesis + Adaptive Munitions

Is Come To Pass any good?

This Auto Rifle frankly doesn’t feel too great. It is the slowest Auto Rifle archetype, firing at only 360 RPM. The potential redeeming factor is that it can roll with Adaptive Munitions. With Grandmaster Nightfalls around the corner, we will see how this perk fairs in high-level PvE content.

Come to Pass drops from Golmag on Attack Days in the Wellspring in Destiny 2. It can be crafted once enough Deepsight Resonances have been completed.

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