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Best perks on Sweet Sorrow Auto Rifle | Destiny 2

Season 16 introduced a new Rapid-Fire Auto Rifle to Destiny 2, and it is surprisingly decent despite of its archetype. Sweet Sorrow deals Arc Damage and comes with the Origin trait Land Tank, which increases your Resilience. Here are the best perks you should look for Sweet Sorrow in Destiny 2.

Perks and rolls

720 RPM Auto Rifles struggle with range and recoil, due to the low base stat and high fire rate. To compensate for this, look for Arrowhead Brake or Chambered Compensator in the barrel column. For that additional range, Accurized Rounds is a must-grab. However Tactical Mag is good for bringing up your magazine size.

Stats For All is great on weapons with large magazines. It means you are not sacrificing bullets for the stat boost. But a comparable alternative is Perpetual Motion, which activates off movement. Triple Tap and Killing Wind are also decent perk pick-ups.

One For All is your best choice for damage boosting. The only requirement is shooting three enemies. If you are looking for something more oriented at PvP or killing bosses, then look for Vorpal Weapon. Demolitionist is also in this column, however, you will be sacrificing extra damage to get the grenade recharge.

Best combos for Sweet Sorrow in Destiny 2

Here are the best perks and rolls you should look for on Sweet Sorrow in Destiny 2:

  • Stats For All + One For All
  • Perpetual Motion + Vorpal Weapon
  • Triple Tap + Vorpal Weapon
  • Killing Wind + Demolitionist

Is Sweet Sorrow any good?

Sweet Sorrow is one of the better Rapid-Fire Auto Rifles that we have seen in the game. It has a decent spread of perks and solid base stats. At the end of the day, it is an Auto Rifle, so the damage is lacking when compared to other meta weapons.

Piece of Mind drops from Umbral Engrams and PsiOps. It can also be crafted at the Enclave once enough Deepsight Resonances have been completed.

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