Best Pokemon Unite moves for every situation

Pokémon Unite features 21 Pokémon, each with their own unique abilities. You can have up to three moves, with two options for each slot. While the moves are different for all Pokémon, some move are noticeably more useful and powerful than others.

Best attack moves – Electro Ball, Pyro Ball, Cross Chop

Pikachu unlocks a great attack move once it reaches level 4. Electro Ball is a sure hit that deals damage and stuns opponents in its area of effect. The damage is increased by the opponent’s missing HP, making it especially powerful against low-health enemies trying to run away.

Cinderace also has a powerful attack move with Pyro Ball. It launches a fireball in a straight line, burning all opponents it hits. Pyro Ball also increases the damage of Cinderace’s next three attacks, and its upgrade makes basic attacks reduce the move’s cooldown.

We can’t talk about the best attack moves in Pokémon Unite without mentioning the strongest Pokémon in the game, though. Machamp uses his four muscular arms at once with Cross Chop, a strong attack performed while dashing forward. This move also increases Machamp’s critical-hit rate, and its upgrade provides extra damage with each basic attack.

Best moves against fast Pokémon – Sucker Punch, Blizzard

Some Pokémon move really fast, and can be a pain for your team. To take down speedy Pokémon like Lucario or Talonflame, Absol has a great move called Sucker Punch. It targets an opponent, slows them down, and then charges them. It makes a powerful combo with Night Slash, a mid-game ability slashing in an outward arc and lowering the movement speed of an enemy.

Alolan Ninetales is a nightmare for speedy Pokémon. Its move, Blizzard, decreases the movement speed of enemies and knocks them back. If it hits an obstacle, Blizzard splits and spreads out to the left and right. At level 13, the upgrade reduces the intervals between the damage-dealing ticks, making it deadlier for fast or squishy Pokémon.

Best defensive moves – Overgrow, Moonblast

While Venusaur is not one of the most powerful companions in Pokémon Unite, it has a powerful passive move when at low HP. Overgrow increases damage output when Venusaur has low health, allowing the Pokémon to quickly damage and sometimes finish off opponents before being killed itself

Gardevoir’s Moonblast is one of the best defensive moves in Pokémon Unite. It pushes opponents away and stuns them, giving you time to run away or throw opponents towards a melee ally. The upgrade of Moonblast also grants the user a shield, ideal to save yourself from dangerous situations.

Best support moves – Pollen Puff, Giga Drain

Eldegoss is one of the best supporters in Pokémon Unite. Pollen Puff throws an orb that can latch onto another Pokémon, dealing damage to enemies and restoring health to allies. The upgraded version of Pollen Puff deals extra damage over time and increases the defense of allies, making it a powerful move in most situations.

While it can only heal the user, Venusaur’s Giga Drain is another strong support move. It steals health from the opposing Pokemon and reduces damage taken by Venusaur for a short time.

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