Best words to use at the beginning of Wordle

The COVID pandemic (2020-present) had many games come and go on short-lived waves of popularity. It started with Among Us and Fall Guys, and we’ve finally made our way to word games through Wordle. It’s a free web browser game and refreshes daily with a new 5-letter word. To help you out, we check out the best words to use at the beginning of Wordle.


Adieu is one of the best words to start every Wordle game with since it uses four out of five vowels in the word bank. While the letters are all in peculiar places, you might hit on the weird placement of the first four letters. It’s both a blessing and a curse to completely miss on a word like “adieu.” A full miss will shift your frame of thinking and force you to shuffle words, narrowing it down to something silly like “knoll” or “proxy”.


Fart jokes aside, “farts” is an exceptional starter Wordle word to use with its common consonants and for identifying whether a word is plural or not. “Farts” keeps close to the Wheel of Fortune strategy in Wordle leaning on letters like E, L, N, R, S, T. Try to follow up with a complimentary word like “audio”.


“Irate” is the lovechild between “adieu” and “farts” with its key vowels and high-value consonants. Irate allows for a follow-up word like “pious”, “knows”, and “ghost” to cover some other bases depending on what turns up green or yellow.

Some honorable mentions include:

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