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Brass Attacks sidearm review and best perks | Destiny 2

Brass Attacks is a new 2-burst sidearm in Destiny 2. Firing at 325 RPM, it is classified as an Aggressive Frame, similar to Breachlight. What sets it apart however, is that it resides in the energy slot and does Void damage. Here are the perks you should look for on Brass Attacks when it drops in Destiny 2.

Perks and rolls

On a sidearm you want to look for barrel perks that bring the range and stability up. This helps with controlling recoil and increasing the weapon’s optimal range. Some great choices are Hammer-Forged Rifling, Polygonal Rifling, and Smallbore. Some great magazine perks are Appended Mag, High-Caliber Rounds, or Ricochet Rounds.

There are three great reload perk options in the first column. Feeding Frenzy is kill-based, Rapid Hit is crit-based, and Threat Detector is proximity-based. Killing Wind is also an option, giving you boosted range, mobility, and handling after getting a kill.

Brass Attacks has the damage perk Frenzy. Frenzy boosts damage, handling, and reload speed until you are out of combat. Rampage is also a solid pickup and pairs well with a Rampage Spec mod. For extra ability regeneration, look for Wellspring.


Here are the perk combinations and god rolls you should look for on Brass Attacks in Destiny 2:

  • Feeding Frenzy + Rampage – A classic kill to then kill more perk combo. To make this combo even better, throw a Rampage Spec in the mod slot to increase Rampage’s timer. Feeding Frenzy can also be substituted with Rapid Hit.
  • Killing Wind + Wellspring – This perk combo is great for running and gunning while simultaneously regaining ability energy. Surplus can be used instead of Killing Wind for more perk synergy.


Sidearms are fun weapons to play with in Destiny 2. However, Brass Attacks doesn’t feel as good as other similar sidearms. The gun is not completely useless, but it has a hard time standing up against other sidearms in the energy slot. For now Brass Attacks is probably best suited for sitting in the vault.

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