Can you play CrossfireX on PlayStation?

CrossfireX is the newest in a franchise of free-to-play (F2P) multiplayer tactical shooters that first gained immense popularity in 2007. CrossfireX was released on Feb. 12 exclusively for Xbox One and Series X – which is a bummer to anyone on PlayStation or other platform.

CrossfireX consists of a F2P multiplayer mode, with two paid campaigns developed by Remedy Entertainment. If you’ve heard that name before, it’s probably because they also made such hits as Alan Wake, Max Payne, and Control.

Unfortunately, it seems like CrossfireX doesn’t seem to carry the same magic as Remedy’s other outings. It’s somewhat like a generic take on CSGO-meets-Call of Duty.

Can you play CrossfireX on PlayStation?

Well, no. As I said, it was released exclusively for Xbox One and Series X. At the moment, the only way to play CrossfireX is to just own one of those consoles. Should you buy one of those consoles to play it? Yeah, of course – if you want to be spending hundreds on a F2P game before you’ve even touched it. Unfortunately, there’s no PC port coming either, so don’t wait around for that.

Well, I guess technically you could play it on PlayStation if you managed to mod your PlayStation to run Linux, then managed to mod it further to have an Xbox emulator on your Linux emulator. Even if that was possible, it likely wouldn’t be for a long time – and by then your interest will probably go away. Unfortunately as of now, unless you own one of the recent Microsoft consoles, you’re not playing CrossfireX.

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