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Chocobo GP Regular vs Lite – Which one should you get?

Square Enix released its own version of Mario Kart, called Chocobo GP. It comes in two versions: Regular and Lite. One of them costs $49.99 USD, while the other is free. But what is the difference between these two versions, and which one should you buy? Here is a comparison between Chocobo GP Regular and Lite versions.

What is Chocobo GP?

Chocobo GP is pretty much Mario Kart, but set in the Final Fantasy universe. The first version of the game came out in 1999, offering an alternative to Nintendo 64’s Mario Kart on the PlayStation. Square Enix’s racing game is back, and this time it is competing with Mario on his own console: the Nintendo Switch.

Chocobo GP’s roster features a dozen of characters, each with its unique abilities and traits. Most characters come from Final Fantasy or one of its spin-off games. Most of the Astrals you can summon in Final Fantasy game are here: Ifrit, Titan, Ramuh, and Shiva, to name a few. Some other popular characters from the series – like Cactuar, Sylph, Vivi, and of course Chocobo – are also available.

You can customize your kart and race through various courses in online and offline multiplayer modes. There are five game modes: Series Races, Time Attack, Custom Races, Chocobo GP Mode, and Story Mode.

Series Races is a competition in which you have to get the highest score on four tracks in a row. Time Attack is a race against other racers’ ghosts to see who can drive the fastest. Custom Races allow you to create your own track and get friends to try them out. Chocobo GP Mode is an online competition with up to 64 players granting seasonal rewards. Finally, the Story Mode is an adventure allowing you to unlock new characters and courses.

Playing the multiplayer modes of Chocobo GP requires an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

The difference between Chocobo GP Regular and Lite

Chocobo GP Regular is the full version of this new racing game. Lite is a free version of the game that lets you try the single and multiplayer modes.

In Chocobo GP Lite, you can try the Story Mode but will only get access to the Prologue of this adventure. You can also participate in both local and online multiplayer, but with a limited amount of characters.

Both Chocobo GP Regular and Lite players can race in the 64-player competition, the Chocobo GP mode. This tournament is the only online versus mode available to play on Chocobo GP Lite.

If you have a friend who owns Chocobo GP Regular, you can join local multiplayer races with Chocobo GP Lite, meaning you don’t have to pay to play with your friends.

Besides these features, the key difference between Chocobo GP Regular and Lite versions is their price. The Regular version costs $49.99, while the Lite version is free. If you are not sure whether or not to buy Chocobo GP, you can try out the game with the Lite version. Any items and in-game currency acquired in Chocobo GP Lite will carry over if you decide to buy Chocobo GP Regular.

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