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Complete Europa weapons guide | Destiny 2

Europa is the moon of Jupiter that was added to Destiny 2 in Beyond Light.  Along with new armor and quests, Europa has also brought new weapons. This is the complete guide to every Europa weapon in Destiny 2.

Artic Haze

Artic Haze is a Rapid-Fire Frame auto rifle that deals solar damage. At 720 RPM, it is one of the fastest firing auto rifles in Destiny 2, and intrinsically has a hirer reload speed. One of the major noteworthy perk combos is Subsistence + Dragonfly, which allows this weapon to tear through rank and file enemies.

Biting Winds

Biting Winds is the newest bow in Destiny 2. While not used all too often, bows are the weapon of choice for those who want to live out their archery fantasies. Biting Winds can roll with Swashbuckler, making it extremely lethal when combined with a ranged melee. Explosive Head is also a solid perk to get on this bow.

Europa Destiny 2
Biting Winds


Slug shotguns are some of the most sought after weapons in Destiny 2 currently. Bonechiller excels at damaging bosses, and deals Void damage. Having the ability to roll with Auto-Loading Holster makes Bonechiller a viable replacement for those who do not have god rolled First In, Last Out. However, it cannot roll with Vorpal Weapon.

Coriolis Force

Coriolis Force is the first horizontal spread fusion rifle to be added to Destiny 2. Coriolis Force has the ability to deal high damage with a moderate charge time. It however lacks a consistent damage boosting perk, which holds it back in boss damage phases. Keep an eye out for Killing Wind and Feeding Frenzy on this weapon.

Hailing Confustion

Hailing Confusion is a 390 RPM pulse rifle with great neutral game options. With the ability to run either Demolitionist or Wellspring, this pulse rifle can find its way into most builds. Hailing Confusion is potent in both PvE and PvP.

High Albedo

This kinetic 3-burst sidearm fires at 491 RPM. High Albedo is great primary weapon and pairs great with sniper rifles like Cloudstrike or the Ikelos Sniper. Its ability to roll with either Wellspring or Demolitionist allows for great build diversity. High Albedo is one of the best feeling sidearms in the current Destiny 2 meta and opens up the energy slot.

High Albedo Destiny 2
High Albedo

Subzero Salvo

Rocket launchers are still not in a great place, but Subzero Salvo‘s new perk Chain Reaction makes it stand out from the rest of the pack. Cluster Bomb still reigns supreme on rocket launchers for damage, but Chain Reaction follows shortly behind. It can also be used in a grenade build with Demolitionist to bypass reloading.

Thermal Erosion

Sitting at 900 RPM, Thermal Erosion excels at dealing quick bursts of solar damage. Thermal Erosion can easily be specced out for max stability with Zen Moment + Dynamic Sway Reduction. Killing Wind + Demolitionist can also be used for a more run-and-gun playstyle.

Each weapon is gained throughout the main questline of Beyond Light and is farmable via Empire Hunts and bounties from Variks. All these weapons have a power cap of 1410 and will be sunset in Season 16 of Destiny 2. For a complete breakdown of performance, best uses, and perk rolls, check out the individual weapon reviews:

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