Complete guide to Blastoise in Pokémon Unite – spells, items, tips and tricks

Best spells, items, tips and tricks to master Blastoise in Pokémon Unite.

Blastoise is the latest Pokémon joining the roster of Pokémon Unite. He is a Defender, meaning his job is to take damage in place of his teammates. Blastoise is the fourth Defender in Pokémon Unite, joining Crustle, Slowbro, and Snorlax. On top of a high health pool, Blastoise is a powerful Pokémon when it comes to crowd control. This is our complete Blastoise guide with the best spells and items as well as some tips and tricks to master the Pokémon.

Best spells for Blastoise in Pokémon Unite

Blastoise begins as a Squirtle, which needs to evolve into a Wartortle before reaching its final form.

His default attack is the Water Gun, attacking enemies with a shot of water. It shoves opponents away and decreases their movement speed for a short time. Squirtle can also learn Skull Bash, a move making him ram an opposing Pokémon, leaving them unable to act.

At level 5, Wartortle can choose one of two abilities: Hydro Pump or Water Spout. Hydro Pump blasts a huge volume of water at enemies, dealing damage to opposing Pokémon and shoving them when it hits. Water Spout deals less damage but helps better control the fight by decreasing the movement speed of opposing Pokémon in a designated location.

Wartortle aka future Blastoise unlocks his second move at level 7. Surf will make him charge forward on a wave, shoving opposing Pokemon and leaving them unable to act. Blastoise becomes immune to crowd control while using this move and can jump in a designated direction once the move ends. Its level 13 upgrade grants Blastoise an additional shield when he uses Surf. This is a great ability to not only stun enemies but also quickly move from one place to another.

The second move unlocked at level 7 is Rapid Spin. The Pokémon will spin rapidly, changing the mechanics of its basic attacks as well as its Hydro Pump and Water Spout moves. At level 13, it also reduces the damage Blastoise receives while making this move.

The best spells combinations for Blastoise are Hydro Pump and Surf to move around fast and push enemies around, or Water Spout and Rapid Spin to deal massive AOE damage while slowing down opponents.

Blastoise unlocks Hydro Typhoon, his unite move, at level 9. This move sprouts water around Blastoise while he spins, throwing opposing Pokémon in a large area. Blastoise’s unite move is especially useful to push back enemies who are about to score or kill one of your teammates. On top of pushing back opponents, Hydro Typhoon grants Blastoise a shield absorbing damage.

Best items for Blastoise in Pokémon Unite

Next up in our guide, we’ll review the best battle item for Blastoise in Pokémon Unite, which happens to be the Eject Button. This battle item makes Blastoise move quickly in a specified direction, allowing him to reach strategic points faster. This can help save a teammate in trouble or prevent enemies from scoring as they are getting closer to a goal.

There are several good held items for Blastoise in Pokémon Unite. The Buddy Barrier combines well with Blastoise’s role as a Defender of his team. When Blastoise uses his unite move Hydro Typhoon, the Buddy Barrier grants Blastoise and the closest ally Pokémon with the lowest HP a shield.

The Wise Glasses, which increase the special attack of the Pokémon holding them, is also a good pick for Blastoise. The Focus Band can help keep Blastoise alive a little longer, healing the Pokémon as he drops to low HP. If you are looking for a more offensive held item, the Muscle Band is a solid choice. When basic attacks hit, the damage of Blastoise is increased by a proportion of the opposing Pokémon’s remaining HP.

Blastoise tips and tricks

While Blastoise is a powerful Pokémon Unite Defender with good crowd controls, some other Pokémon can counter him easily. Keep an eye out for any Garchomp in the enemy team, as his ability to absorb damage make him powerful against Blastoise. He can also counter Blastoise’s knockbacks, neutralizing his strongest moves. If you spot a Garchomp, run away to the other side of the map to have more impact.

However, Blastoise is really strong against Pokémon with low HP and mobility, as they can’t escape Blastoise’s moves. Pikachu and Venusaur both can be killed quite easily by Blastoise, while he can tank most of their abilities.

As a Defender, don’t forget that Blastoise is made to be played with teammates. A Pokémon with a high damage output can help finish off enemies, while a support Pokémon will keep Blastoise alive longer.

Last but not least in our Pokémon Unit guide for Blastoise, make sure Rapid Spin is not active when you want to use your unite move Hydro Typhoon. Blastoise cannot use Hydro Typhoon while spinning around, so stop Rapid Spin before trying to use Hydro Typhoon.

Blastoise Character Spotlight | Pokémon UNITE

In conclusion, Blastoise is a powerful Defender in Pokémon Unite who can deal a serious amount of damage to the enemy team. Depending on the needs of his team, he can turn either into a crowd control freak that slows down enemies and push them away, or a spinning turtle dealing massive damage. If you guide him well, Blastoise can have a major impact on any game.

The next Pokémon available in Pokémon Unite will be Mamoswine. The freezing mammoth will join the fight on September 29. Stay tuned to Squad for a complete Pokémon Unite Mamoswine guide!

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