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Dead by Daylight aggressive Survivor guide – Build, Items, tips

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Let’s say you’ve been playing Dead by Daylight for a while and you want to switch it up a bit and get a little more aggressive build going. “No more running and hiding from killers, I want to fight back!” you say. Well, in for a penny in for a pound I say – let’s go kick some ass.

This build is great for three types of people: high-rank players, fearless (or arrogant) low-rank players, and toxic f*cks. I’ll let you sort yourselves out.

Let’s get started, there’s no turning back now. Well, there is, but if you want to turn back you probably shouldn’t be committing to this build.


The aggressive Dead by Daylight build discussed in this guide has two sub-builds to choose from. For you roleplayers out there, think of it as multi-classing. Your chosen sub- build might have you taking different perks and items – kind of like a Barbarian with a medical license.

  • Dead Hard: The classic hyper-aggressive perk, Dead Hard lets you stare directly into the face of literal death and say “Yeah, no.” Dead Hard is absolutely imperative to this build, whether to actually save your life or just as a form of BM-ing.
  • Flashbang: Yes, it requires hiding out for a bit to actually make the thing, but it’s only temporary I promise. As soon as you’re done, get out of your locker and get ready to make the Killer see stars. Or your teammates, I guess you can’t choose who gets blinded.
  • Object of Obsession: You don’t want to let the Killer out of your sight, and now you don’t have to. Keep tabs on them and stop them at every junction if you have to.
Dead by Daylight aggressive build
The choice is yours.

Your fourth perk is up to you to choose based on what you want to do. You have a lot of options for a playstyle based on tenacity and trickery:

  • Flip-Flop: You’re always in play, even when downed. If things play out properly, you can kick yourself free and get into the action once more. Pair this one with a medkit for a new lease on life.
  • Boil Over: Fight like hell and live to see another day – and another death – with this one.
  • Decisive Strike: They may have caught you, but that doesn’t mean it’s over. A good decisive strike always does two things. First: it gives you a fighting chance, and you’re all about the fight. Second: it’s a really big f*ck you to the killer.
  • Sprint Burst: You need to be quick and clever to do what we’re doing to these killers. Sprint Burst should take care of the first part.
  • Blast Mine: Similar situation as Flashbang, but more indirect. If your focus for this match is generators, swap Flashbang out for Blast Mine. Place it down, then get the Killer’s attention. It’s even better if they come straight for you, as there’s a chance they’ll break the generator first.
  • Adrenaline: Situational, but if the Killer is between you and the Exit Gate it may give you that extra kick needed to get past them.

For a more altruistic playstyle:

  • Deliverance: Same rules apply as Unbreakable, but for hooks. This is for the more altruistic of you out there – think of it as self-forgiveness for the anger you’ll induce.
  • Breakout: This one gives you extra speed around a carried Survivor and gives them an extra fighting chance at getting free. Once free, it’s up to you to protect them.
  • Mettle of Man: Save the other Survivors of course, but you have to save yourself too.
  • Guardian: Unhook Survivors, then find and impede the Killer.

You could also roleplay as an engineer with these two:

  • Rookie Sprit: Aggressively doing generators is still being aggressive, just against a different target.
  • Dark Sense: This one helps to balance time spent fixing with time spent annoying the Killer. It’s a direct line to toxicity if you think about it.


To really complete the transformation, I would put on your toughest-looking outfit. We want people-slash-mystically-empowered-murderers to think that you look tough and ready to knock someone out on sight. If you’re playing David King and you really want to go the extra mile, you could get his shirtless skin and look like you’re ready for a pub brawl. We also don’t know much about The Entity though, so maybe it’s really afraid of bright colors? Wear whatever you want, they won’t be super focused on your clothes when they’ve been blinded eight ways to Sunday.

Basically, you just want to look like this at all times. Or some variation of this for whichever character you’re playing.

David King Sett ref from deadbydaylight



You can still do your tasks normally if you want since this aggressive build is a little more flexible than the Dead by Daylight rat build . The main thing here is that you’ll be getting in the Killer’s face more often than not. Whether it’s to distract, save, or just piss them off, you should be trying to square up often. You’ll be kiting (and maybe teabagging) the Killer a lot with this build, so brush up on your pallet looping.

Items and Attachments

Like I said, just because you’re aggro doesn’t mean you’re not limited to any one task or role. You can do anything you want – as long as you swear an oath to defy the Killer at every turn. With this build, you excel at transitioning from doing objectives to being the Killer’s biggest headache.

The obvious first choice for items is to take your best Flashlight and keep that thing lit as long as you can. I like to take the Utility Flashlight with the High-End Sapphire Lens and Long Life Battery. Don’t let me limit you though. If you want to run in and be the most ‘roided up medic in the world, by all means, go for it. A fair warning: you may end up using that whole med-kit on yourself.


Since you’re going to be facing off with the killer a lot more than normal, you’ll want to focus on Offerings that give you extra Bloodpoints for survival. You can even take a universal Bloodpoint modifier for maximum gains as well. It’s just more efficient that way really. If you’re already rolling in dosh then you can roll with either a fog-clearing Offering or a Shroud that pairs you up with others.

Really just try to be as big of an obstacle as possible

Always remember to challenge the Killer – there’s no room for fear with this aggressive Dead by Daylight build. This is really all you can do short of straight-up decking them in their weird, twisted faces. And you would definitely do that too if you could.

Is this all a little toxic? Maybe a bit – but not because you’re toxic, it’s just part of a strategy to get the Killer to focus you. In the end, all this aggression and toxicity – while a reportable offense – is but a means to an end. Anyway, it matters little. Get out there and be a nuisance, your teammates will thank you and the Killer will get just that much closer to the end of their rope.

Oh, I almost forgot! If you’re last alive you have to throw yourself at the Killer. It really drives home the point that you existed solely to be a hindrance. It really helps if they leave knowing that you had no respect for them whatsoever.

I’m starting to think I’m the bad guy here.

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