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Dead by Daylight Medic guide – Best healing build, loadout, tips

It's a beautiful thing to save (and run for your) lives.

Some of you out there in Dead by Daylight are – for whatever reason – very altruistic. So I thought to myself, “Why not help them dial that up to 11?” Thus, we now have the hyper-medic Dead by Daylight build – or as I like to call it: The Clingy Ambulance.

Ratting and Chadding aren’t always the best options for everyone, so I hope this fills out a good middle ground. This build is great for anyone looking to farm Bloodpoints while also being nice, or for those looking to complete healing challenges and heal with reckless abandon.


There are two ways to play this build. The first playstyle is for sweats, and it involves doing everything you normally do, except you have to drop everything and run as soon as someone is injured. Sure, you could say that you were just there to help, but really it’s because you want to completely monopolize all healing happening in the match. Healthcare is a market, and you’re cornering it.

Then there’s the second playstyle, where you follow another Survivor around constantly. The Survivor you’re following can change, but you can never be alone. You must embody the Clingy Ambulance – and you may want to explore therapy as well.


Since the Dead by Daylight  build is all about two things – you can find people who are hurt, and you can heal them – it is going to be a little less straightforward than usual.

To start, we have Empathy. This one is obvious because to heal people, you actually need to find them. Empathy reveals injured or dying Survivors within 64/96/128 meters. Now you know where they are, time to get to healing.

Next up is Sprint Burst: As soon as a Survivor gets hit or downed, you can use Sprint Burst to rush into the area as fast as possible if you aren’t already there. Bonus points if you make really loud ambulance noises over Discord on your way there.

Originally, I was going to spite you all and say not to take Borrowed Time as we’re not doing this to “save” people but just to heal them. Eventually, I realized that the whole job of an ambulance is to buy time when you think about it. As such, I have begrudgingly added Borrowed Time to the list of usable perks. It’s not a 100% necessity, but its spot in this build is more solid than some of the other options I’ve laid out. Patch ’em up and bill them later on.

Dead by Daylight Medic build

As you may have noticed, I only firmly assigned you two perks. This is because you have quite a few options, and most of them are situational and work best with one of the other listed perks. Here are your options:

  • Boon: Circle of Healing – Speaks for itself really. Find a totem and convert it into a hospital for all Survivors. You are the ambulance, deliver them to the hospital.
  • Small Game – Really only necessary if you have Boon: Circle of Healing, otherwise the most you’re getting from this is seeing Totems you aren’t supposed to be touching anyway.
  • Bond – The only reason Bond is an optional perk is because of its range. It would be great if it worked further than 36 meters at max level versus Empathy’s 128 meters. So in this case, take Bond if you’re planning to be super clingy.
  • We’re Gonna Live Forever – Assuming things got a little out of hand and people actually went into the Dying State, We’re Gonna Live Forever is useful to get them back into the – very one-sided – fight. It’ll also buff up your Bloodpoint gain for certain save actions, so that’s nice too.
  • Desperate Measures – Situational as theoretically if you’re doing your job properly, nobody should be injured, hooked, or dying for very long.
  • Streetwise/Built to Last/Pharmacy – Make your original Med-Kit last longer, regenerate its charges, or just find a new one entirely. If you want to spice things up and combo two of these perks that’s fine with me too. It would just be kind of a weird choice though…
  • Self-Care – We’re not getting this for the self-healing, but rather for the med-kit depletion rate buff.
  • Botany Knowledge – Healing speed buff and Med-Kit efficiency? Hell yeah.
  • Open Handed? – Okay yes, Open Handed is one of the biggest meme perks in the game, but think about it with me for just a second. An increase to aura reading range is an increase to the distance at which you can see other Survivors. You may not think that’s useful now, but when you find Feng Min hiding in a locker at the end of the map, I’m going to say I told you so.
  • Aftercare –  This is really more a savior build thing, so if you decide to go that way then, by all means, run Aftercare.
  • Solidarity – This could be good if you no longer have your medkit or you didn’t bring one in.

Honestly, Medics can be hard enough to come by sometimes in Dead by Daylight. I’m sure your team will just be glad to have you.

Items and Attachments

So, as you may have guessed, you’re going to be taking a Med-kit. As per usual, anything that gives charges is great for your add-ons. You can pair it with a healing speed add-on for a pretty standard Med-kit build. Alternatively, you can take an Anti-Haemorrhagic Syringe for a drive-by heal and then use Pharmacy to get a new Med-kit right after (if you took it, that is.)

Dead by Daylight drive by heal
Get in, tap heal, get out.

Ambulances usually have lights and sirens though, so I’m going to pre-approve the use of a flashlight here. You won’t be using it to actually save people though, oh no sir. If you choose to take a flashlight, it has one use and one use only. You have to spam that thing as fast as possible while making your way to Survivors. Is it a waste of a flashlight? Sure is, but this is my guide so I’m literally making the rules. Slap a widening lens and a battery on that thing because everyone is going to know that help is on the way.


You’re a medic, so either look like a doctor, a nurse, or a literal ambulance. Your main colors here are white, red, blue, and even neon yellow if you can somehow swing that? The main point here is that you need to be as visually striking as possible. The more you stand out against the dark scenery of the entity’s realm the better. Your patients need to see you coming so they know help is on the way.

The only downside is that if your fellow Survivors can see you, it’s likely the Killer can too. I hope you’re good at escaping.


I’m not actually sure how much EMTs make, but you’re going to be making bank off this gig kiddo. Take any offering that increases the Bloodpoints you gain for altruistic actions. You better start hoarding those Primrose Blossoms, baking those Escape Cakes, and hanging up those Bloody Party Streamers. You are a goddamn medic, and I’ll be damned if you’re not going to see some blood today.

I suppose you could also take one of the Oak offerings as well to lessen the number of hooks, potentially giving you more time to save and heal someone. A Coin could work as well in case you took either Plunderer’s Instinct or Pharmacy. One is a lot more direct in getting you what you need, but since you can rock with Flashlights and Med-kits, chances are pretty good that you get something usable. If it really comes down to it, you can run a map offering. The smaller the better – it helps you get to your target faster.

You are now Dead by Daylight’s best (and clingiest) medic!

Congratulations! You’ve reached the end of my Dead by Daylight medic guide.  Yes, it’s a little unconventional in some places, but that’s why I prefer to think of it as the Hyper-Medic. You’re like if people were born to literally have one career the rest of their life, and everyone excelled at the career chosen for them. You exist solely to save others, with no regard for your own safety or survival Get out there and go save some lives!

Know your limits though. Stop healing people as the Killer is running towards you. Neither of us wants to go down looking like a couple of jackasses.

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