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Death’s Door boss guide – Tips and tactics for every boss fight

Claiming souls is a difficult job, and we're here to help.

Death’s Door is one of the most entertaining games of 2021. The top-down Soulslike is a masterclass of the genre. Between challenging combat, intuitive puzzles, and a thought-provoking narrative, Death’s Door has a lot to love. Your journey through the game will have you face a variety of bosses trying to end your life. Our Death’s Door boss guide will give you the upper hand against the souls you’re trying to reap.

[Mild story spoilers below!]

Grandma – The Witch of Urns

The first of the three souls is Grandma. She’s a witch who is trying to extend her family’s mortality, but has become corrupted in her pursuit. While she may seem intimidating, Grandma isn’t too difficult to deal with. She has a few basic attacks:

  • Throwing vases – purple is explosive, and green can be reflected.
  • Dash attack.
  • Shooting projectiles from within the vase.

The main strategy for beating Grandma in Death’s Door is to consistently dodge her attacks and strike in between. Once the green vases break, the projectiles will follow you around the map. Take the opportunity to slash them, and hope this ends up hitting Grandma.

After multiple strikes, she’ll retreat into her vase and spin around in circles while purple projectiles fill the screen. There are a few methods of attack to use at this moment. You can go behind the vase and follow it around, attacking from behind. Alternatively, you can continuously dodge while she is in this state. You won’t deal damage, but you also won’t risk being hurt.

The best method (which will also get you an achievement) is to equip your fire magic and shoot into the vase while she’s spinning. This will cause Grandma to panic and enter a stunned state for a period of time. When she’s stunned, players get a decent window to inflict damage. While any weapon is great for this fight, I used the starting sword. Rinse and repeat, and after a few cycles, Grandma will enter her final resting place.

It’s worth noting that as every boss takes more damage, red fractures will appear on their bodies. The more vivid these lines are, the closer they are to defeating the boss. I mention this because there are no health meters on any of the bosses in Death’s Door. Knowing this will give you some sense of where you are progress-wise on each boss.

Image by Devolver Digital.

The Frog King

The Frog King’s battlefield is tricky, because the floor tiles will occasionally fall throughout the fight, causing you to change your strategy on the fly. At the start of this Death’s Door boss battle, The Frog King will pounce around. Dodge his attacks and strike him in the back when he stops moving. Repeat this step two more times. Doing this will cause him to shed his armor to reveal an even larger form.

In this stage, The Frog King will start throwing bombs that will destroy panels on the floor. Unlike during the first phase, the panels will not be restored unless you hit the pink mace on his back. Keep dodging bombs and attack him with your melee weapon when you have an opening. Alternatively, you can attack with your magic attacks if you see fit.

Every so often, The Frog King will tilt the entire battlefield. You can run away from him while dodging floor panels, or go in for the attack if you feel adventurous. Achievement hunters can charge up a bomb and shoot it into his mouth when he tilts and sucks in tiles.

Make sure to continuously reset the panels when the pink mace is facing you. Repeating these steps will kill The Frog King fairly quickly. He may seem like a bigger threat than Grandma, but The Frog King is a surprisingly simple boss. The knives are the best melee weapon for this battle, purely because of their speed.

The Frog King, one of the easier bosses in our Death's Door Boss Guide.
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Betty is a Yeti type creature who looks pretty intimidating. Before you have her patterns figured out, she’s a formidable foe. Luckily, her attacks are pretty predictable and easy to dodge. Betty likes to jump around the battlefield and try to land on you. Dodge rolling is your biggest friend throughout the fight, because Betty is a physical opponent, unlike many other bosses.

She’ll hop around a few times, and then she will start swinging her fists. The best tactic during her punches is to dodge and then get a few swings in. Eventually, Betty will start rolling directly at you. She’ll do this attack three times in a row. If you get hit, she’ll drive you into the wall. Dodging this attack gets you to safety for a quick moment, because she’ll quickly transition from the roll into a jump attack.

Repeatedly go for swings from your melee weapon (I chose the axe) when able to. After awhile, Betty will change things up with snowball-based attacks. She’ll throw a snowball directly at you, or she’ll send them falling from the sky. Betty will use every move in her arsenal during the snowstorm phase, so you’ll need to use your dodges masterfully. After a while this boss too will meet her fate, and you’ll acquire the last soul you need in Death’s Door.

The Grey Crow

The Grey Crow is a difficult fight. After all three souls are collected, you fight the Crow who you’ve been helping all along. The Grey Crow is relentless, and starts the fight by immediately charging at you. Dodge out of the way and keep dodging, because he does a few charges in a row. When the Grey Crow stops moving, it’s the perfect time to get some melee attacks in. I used the knives because their speed helped me execute more attacks in a short time. In a fight that requires quick attacks before dodging, the knives are easily the best tool for the job.

The Grey Crow has a few moves in its arsenal that are sure to be a nuisance. He jumps into the air and dives toward you. Dodging right before he lands is the best course of action. Afterward, you will have a quick moment to attack before needing to be on the run. The trick with the Grey Crow is that every successful attack you land summons a mini crow that will lock on towards your character. You can dodge if needed, and then attack them to make the crows disappear.

In between all of these attacks, the Grey Crow will throw chains onto the battlefield. Pay attention to which chains appear first. That will be the order in which he attacks. Dodge the chains and the crows that may be on the battlefield, and attack when able. In the second phase, all of these attacks are more prevalent.

Additionally, the Grey Crow will summon a black hole that will try to suck you in. Swarms of small birds will appear when the black hole is on the battlefield. Attack them quickly before they slow you down. After a while, the Grey Crow will fall, leading you into the final battle against the Lord of Doors.

The Lord of Doors

The Lord of Doors is a multi-phase fight that leads into the battle with the Last Lord. This encounter requires using everything you’ve learned up to this point.

  • Phase 1 – The Lord of Doors will continuously jump around and land punches as he hits the ground. Dodge each punch and use melee attacks before dodging his next punch. Continue doing this until the bull doors make an appearance. The Lord of Doors summons these, and they come from all directions. The doors must be dodged at all costs.
  • Phase 2 – This section is all about speed, precision, and dodging. The Lord of Doors will spend this entire phase summoning the bull doors from the previous phase. This will become a regular occurrence during the entire encounter. The first set of bulls will come from the sides of the environment. Then you’ll need to use your hookshot to traverse to the next section. Afterward, he’ll summon five bull doors in front that you must dodge. The next set of bulls pop up around tiles that are falling. Always dodge and use your hookshot when needed.
  • Phase 3 – Similar to phase 1, the Lord of Doors will jump around and slam the ground. Keep attacking after each of his punches. After a while, he’ll summon bull doors and throw vases as Grandma did earlier in the game. Keep dodging and attacking until you enter the next phase.
  • Phase 4 – There will be two platforms (one on the left and one on the right) that you must maneuver between. The bulls will continuously come down the corridor. Use your hookshot to traverse between both platforms until you reach the door.
  • Phase 5 – You’ll be back in the forest like in phase 3. The Lord of Doors will turn red and do three ground pounds in rapid succession. Upon hitting the ground, three lines of projectiles will radiate around the battlefield. Dodge these and keep attacking. Eventually, he will retreat into the next area.
  • Phase 6 – This is another short platforming phase where the floor is quickly falling. Bulls are summoned in groups of two. Keep dodging and making your way to the next platforms. Use your hookshot when needed to traverse.
  • Phase 7 – This phase is a rematch of the Betty fight, with The Lord of Doors using the roll attack you experienced before. Fortunately, he doesn’t summon any doors or snowballs during this fight. Just keep dodging the roll attacks and punches thrown your way. Attack after each of his attacks, and eventually, the hulking opponent will retreat again.
  • Phase 8 – This final platforming section is relentless. It’s full of bull doors coming from every direction, and floor tiles consistently falling. Make sure to keep your hookshot equipped, and just keep rolling and using the ability to make it across long gaps. Eventually, you’ll make it to the Lord of Doors’ final form, the Last Lord.

Note, that after the first phase of this boss fight you’ll get a checkpoint. After that, if you die at any point before the Last Lord, you’ll be sent all the way back to that checkpoint.

The Lord Of Doors concludes our Death's Door Boss Guide
Image by Devolver Digital.

The Last Lord

The Last Lord uses all of the attacks you’ve experienced so far, simultaneously. This boss fight will require your best reflexes, and ask you to use every tactic that you’ve learned so far in Death’s Door. The punches are back in full form. After a while, the exploding vases will also make an appearance. After some damage has been done, the Last Lord will summon a sigil that surrounds your crow. Once you’re consumed in the white circle, quickly button mash to break free. It’s urgent that you escape quickly – once you’re trapped, the Last Lord will use that triple ground pound from the forest area, which summons the pink projectiles.

After this, he’ll jump onto the top of the map and use a massive laser to chase you around the battlefield. To make matters worse, bull doors will appear and charge at you while you’re dodging the laser. Keep rolling around and avoid all of these attacks. Keep repeating these tactics, and eventually the Last Lord will fall, completing your initial journey through Death’s Door.

Death’s Door is a special indie game full of excellent bosses. Hopefully, our Death’s Door boss guide helped you along your journey. Let us know who your favorite boss is in the comments below, and stick around for more walkthroughs and guides.

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