Does Reputation matter in Albion Online?

Albion Online is a complex MMORPG that can be quite overwhelming for new players with its many systems and features. The Reputation system is one of those features. For that reason I’m going to explain how the Reputation system works and how to put it to good use, so stick with me and you will find out really quickly whether Reputation in Albion matters or not.

What is Reputation?

The Reputation system in Albion Online measures your combat mentality. Are you a good law-abiding citizen, always helping out your next-door neighbor, or do you kill and unscrupulously loot everyone you come across? You can choose either path, but your Reputation might just suffer from it, as you can see from the table below.

To kill or not to kill

Every time you kill someone without cause, yourr Reputation decreases. But why should you care about your Reputation being down in the dirt? Well, if you drop below -1000, you will no longer be allowed inside any of the Blue Zones and you won’t be able to enter any city within the Royal Continent, aside from Carleon. And if by chance you get the Dreaded Reputation, you will only be allowed in the Black Zones, a.k.a. the most dangerous Zones of the Albion Online open world.

If you thrive in PvP, then your Reputation doesn’t matter as much, but before letting it drop critically low be sure to retrieve any valuable item you might have in banks within the Royal Continent.

Does Reputation matter in Albion?

How to check your Reputation

Checking your current Reputation is very simple. All you have to do is click your own name on the upper left side of the screen and click on Stats. Once that is done, click Reputation and you will see the Reputation Information chart.

Be sure to memorize the Reputation symbols so that when you head to a PvP zone, you can pay attention to whether other players near you might pose a threat or not. You can easily see other players’ Reputations by looking at the Reputation icon right beside their names.

So if you happen to be fishing or gathering or doing anything in a Red or Black Zone and spot another player, check their Reputation right away. If you see the Glorious icon, then the odds of that player attacking you are pretty slim. But, if you see a skull and bones icon next to the player’s name, then you better get ready to run or fight because they will likely be coming after you.

Keep in mind that Black Zones are lawless, so a Glorious player could attack you without risking losing Reputation.

How to get back on the right track

If you happen to have gone down a bad road and earned yourself a bad Reputation, know that you are not doomed. It is not only possible to regain your good or at least Neutral Reputation, but it is also easier than you might think.

Simply put, in order to regain Reputation, you have to fight other hostile players. But if your killing days are done, then you can stick to easier tasks such as gathering, farming, crafting, and killing mobs. The rate at which you regain Reputation is much much slower than the rate of losing Reputation, so it is going to take you a while. Just to give you an idea, killing a player without cause will make you lose 500 Reputation points, and regaining Reputation by skinning animals will give you 0.6 points per animal hide.

Does Reputation matter in Albion Online?

As a player who makes a living from crafting, gathering, and all things PvE, I’d say a hard YES. I spend most of my time gathering resources from all zones, so being restricted to just Black zones seems very un-profitable.

But, if you spend 99% of your time in Black zones anyway, there is no reason for you to worry about your Reputation.

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