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Dream Breaker best perks and review | Destiny 2

Dream Breaker is the Moon fusion rifle in Destiny 2. It is an Adaptive frame fusion rifle with a 660 charge time. Here are the perks and rolls you should look for on Dream Breaker in Destiny 2.

Perks and rolls

Fusion rifles need range and stability to maximize their damage output. This will reduce bolt spread, and help with damage falloff. For barrel perks look for Fluted Barrel, Corkscrew Rifling, or Arrowhead Brake. The best battery perk is Liquid Coils, as it brings up the impact of the weapon. Particle Repeater is a solid second choice.

The first column doesn’t have any outstanding perks. Slideways is great for reload and added stability. All it requires is for you to slide. If you are looking to increase accuracy and stability even more, look for Heating Up or Under Pressure.

Your choices for damage perks are Kickstart, Frenzy, or Surrounded. They all provide sizable buffs, but Kickstart is the most reliable to activate. Both Frenzy and Surrounded require extended combat scenarios with multiple enemies around. Cornered makes a great alternative to Backup Plan, which isn’t on Dream Breaker.


Here are the perk combinations and god rolls you should look for on Dream Breaker in Destiny 2:

  • Slideways + Kickstart
  • Heating Up + Frenzy


Dream Breaker is a great fusion rifle with a solid set of perks to back it up. While it won’t see much use in PvP, it can be a good fit in PvE. The only downside is that it lacks Reservoir Burst, which is a top choice on fusion rifles like Plug One

Dream Breaker can drop from the Lectern of Enchantment on the Moon.

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