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Duality exotic shotgun review and best uses | Destiny 2

Duality was an exotic that was added to Destiny 2 during Season of the Chosen. It was a Season Pass reward and its catalyst could be obtained through a quest from Banshee-44. Here is everything you should know about the exotic shotgun Duality in Destiny 2.

The shotgun

Duality is a 65 RPM shotgun in the energy slot, and it deals Solar damage. The base perks included are Corkscrew Rifling, Alloy Magazine, and Short-Action Stock. This combo of perks makes Duality a snappy gun with great handling. Its reload is inherently low though, meaning a shotgun reload mod would be helpful.

The intrinsic perk on Duality is Compression Chamber, which allows it to fire pellets when fired from the hip and a single slug when aiming down sights. This perk allows Duality to excel in close quarters combat while also having some range, similar to the Chaperone and making it viable in mid-range engagements in Destiny 2.

The second trait is On Black Wings, which grants a stacking reload and precision damage buff when getting pellet final blows. Landing a precision hit extends the duration of these stacks.

The catalyst for Duality increases the range by 20 and adds two more shells to the magazine. Along with this it also has the ability to generate Orbs of Power on multikills.

How to use Duality

With the perk On Black Wings, its best to get hipfire kills before aiming down sights to deal precision damage. This will increase the damage output of the slug. On Black Wings can stack up to 5 times and these stacks last roughly 6 to 7 seconds.

In PvP Duality can be a fairly flexible shotgun. It can be used for close range scenarios, but can also have some solid range with the slug shot. It is still outranged by the Chaperone, however.

PvE is where Duality truly shines. Rank and file enemies can quickly stack up On Black Wings which lets Duality deal high amounts of damage in a short time frame. This can be great with taking down champions and enemies with high health pools.

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