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Dying Light 2 DLC guide – All upcoming content and when it arrives

What to expect for the next five years

By now you may have heard about Techland’s commitment to five years of DLCs and updates for Dying Light 2 – which is a lot. Let’s lay out what we know so far.

According to the official – and just a bit vague – roadmap, Techland promises that the next set of DLCs to come out after the factions-DLCs will be a new set of challenges in March. Speaking of factions – as of Feb. 18, players have received all three parts of the Authority pack, which is themed around the Peacekeeper faction in the game. The Authority pack consists of the Intimidating set of clothing, as well as the Authority heavy weapon.


According to the road map, players can expect at least one more set – likely themed around the Renegade faction. Following the planned month-by-month trend, players can look forward to other in-game events until the release of the first campaign-based DLC around June. Here’s what you can expect so far for upcoming Dying Light 2 DLCs:

  • February – DLCs inspired by the in-game factions.
  • March – the first set of new in-game challenges, potentially Parkour-focused.
  • April – new in-game events, with some new mutated infected types.
  • May – the second set of new in-game challenges.
  • June – the first story DLC for Dying Light 2.
  • The next five years:
    • The second story DLC for Dying Light 2.
    • More new weapons.
    • New enemies.
    • New stories.
    • More in-game events.
    • As of yet announced DLCs – both free and paid.

Going off of the first game’s DLCs – these future unannounced DLCs could be bundles, themed packs, cosmetics, playable side stories, collaborations/crossovers, and more.

It’s also worth noting that out of what we have listed in terms of confirmed upcoming content, only the story DLCs will be paid. Aside from what’s listed above, we can also expect lots of smaller content tidbits from time to time, in true Techland fashion. That includes Twitch Prime rewards and uh… this pizza keychain, for instance.

Okay so yeah it’s pretty hazy, to say the least, but the game just came out. Give them a bit more time to work on the immediate things – like bug fixes! It’s not like Techland isn’t good for their promised five years either. In case you don’t remember, or just haven’t played the original Dying Light, we’re still getting updates for that game over six years later. The most recent is an event in which you assist Spike with saving and sheltering survivors. This – in a way – leads into the sequel, which is nice if you were replaying the first Dying Light game in preparation for the sequel. If anything, Techland has already proven its prowess for keeping this glorious parkour-based power trip going for a long time.

Dying Light Unturned crossover
Bet you don’t remember this one

If the original Dying Light’s DLC list is anything to go by, survivors will be able to expect an abundance of challenges, weapons, crossovers, and more for the coming years. We may even get a standalone DLC similar to The Following. Between Dying Light, The Following, the Battle Royale(?), Dying Light 2, and all related DLC – we have more than enough content for like, a decade of zombie slaying.

We will keep this Dying Light 2 DLC guide updated with new information about upcoming content as it becomes available.

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