Easy Pokémon to help you win more in Pokémon Unite

Competitive integrity is a dubious subject in Pokémon Unite, but there is undoubtedly some skill and meta knowledge involved in winning consistently in this particular mobile MOBA. It is already clear that not all Pokémon are created equal, and some are strictly better at securing victories. In this guide, I will share with you my list of the best Pokémon you can use to get an easy win in Pokémon Unite.


First up on the list is Venusaur, a mechanically easy to play ranged attacker who specializes in area-of-effect damage. Venusaur can be efficiently used to punish opponents who are often grouping up together, and he can make enemies scatter as they attempt coordinated pushes. It is also a very self-sustainable Pokémon, considering its passive allows it to deal more damage when its HP is low. Additionally, at level 5, Venusaur can use the Giga Drain ability, which drains the enemy’s HP and increases Venusaur’s own defences.

At level 7, you can choose the Petal Dance ability which increases movement speed and causes damage to nearby enemies. And if that weren’t enough, at level 9 you can also use the Verdant Anger ability to hurl a giant seed into your opponents, dealing area-of-effect damage and slowing them, or auto-attacking them three times to do extra damage and pull them towards you.

Overall, Venusaur is a good all-rounder Pokémon, and is very easy to play for Pokémon Unite beginners.

Easy Pokemon to help you win Pokémon Unite
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Second on the list is Charizard. Charizard is a close-ranged fighter whose abilities revolve around burning your opponents and dealing huge amounts of damage.

Charizard is a scaling Pokémon, meaning that with each evolution, he gets more range on his auto-attacks, making it easier to hit enemies. His abilities are based on continuous burn damage so, with the right combo, you can win the fight by burning several opponents at the same time.

Charizard’s Flame Burst ability does a lot of burn damage, and also provide increased movement speed, making it easier to catch up to your opponents. Fire Punch allows Charizard to dash to and displace an enemy, giving you a short window to hit your combo.

His best ability is at level 9: Seismic Slam. Seismic Slam makes Charizard fly over obstacles and then – you guessed it – slam an opponent into the ground. For a short period after using the ability, Charizard’s basic attacks deal increased burn damage while healing it at the same time.

Overall, Charizard is a fairly easy Pokémon to play and win as, and it can lead you to some pretty spectacular victories in Pokémon Unite.

Easy Pokemon to help you win Pokémon Unite
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Last but not least is Pikachu, who also happens to be my personal favorite. Pikachu is a ranged attacker who dishes out area-of-effect damage and can stun opponents so they are not able to use their abilities.

The stuns are built into Pikachu’s kit, starting with its basic attacks. If you are able to deliver three basic attacks on an opponent, the third one will deal a lot more damage and stun them, which can be a great initiator for a kill.

Pikachu’s abilities are also all about stunning opponents. The Thunder Shock ability electrifies an area, dealing area-of-effect damage and stunning enemies. The Electric Web ability throws a net at a single target and stuns them. The Electro Ball ability not only damages and stuns opponents in an area, but also increases damage based on the opponent´s remaining HP, making it a great finisher in case the enemy team is relatively close to expiring.

Pikachu can also deal strong burst damage by using the Thunder ability which summons lightning strikes in an area for heavy area-of-effect damage. Another great starter to allow you to hit your spells effectively is the Volt Tackle ability which makes Pikachu leap forward, displacing opponents.

At level 9, you get the ultimate showstopper: the Thunderstorm ability, which summons a lightning storm that follows you around and blasts any nearby opponents, allowing you to move to the enemy backline and seriously damage multiple Pokémon. Doing so can sometimes turn the fight in your favor.

All in all, Pikachu is a very good Pokémon to help you win more in Pokémon Unite.

Easy Pokemon to help you win Pokémon Unite
Image by The Pokémon Company

These are my personal top 3 picks for best Pokémon to help you win in Pokémon Unite. However, if you try these three and feel they don’t suit you well, odds are your playstyle didn’t match with what they offer. Go out there and try the rest of the 26 Pokémon found in Pokémon Unite.

I hope this guide has helped you out! Stick around with SQUAD for more Pokémon Unite content, like out Complete Guide for Blastoise, the Best Pokemon Unite moves for every situation, or if you are a new player, a quick tips and tricks guide to help you improve your overall game.

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