Essential Devour tips and tricks to beat The Inn

Devour just released another map in a big October update: the Inn. The Inn is an arachnophobe’s worst nightmare, as spiders can be seen crawling around everywhere. We lay out some key tips and tricks to beat the Inn in Devour.

Find the keys first

Like in most maps in Devour, keys are essential to access all the different sacrificial shrines in the Inn. Before sacrificing as many eggs as possible, it’s worthwhile to explore the map and find all of the keys to the different rooms. There is nothing worse than cleansing an egg and trying to find a sacrificial shrine you don’t have access to. Spend the time to open up the doors and learn the lay of the land. 

Use Perks

Players now get to enjoy Perks: a new feature in Devour, providing significant increases in key stats and helping out with that whole exercise-Zara-before-you-die business. Perks are unlocked as you play the game. Once you earn enough Ritual Tokens, spend those points to give yourself that much-needed boost to make you run and revive faster or see items through walls. Zara is insanely fast when in a Frenzy state, so it’s worthwhile to equip perks that will help you evade her. Perks are a very welcomed addition to Devour.


Considering the game is not explicitly about hoarding and looting, it’s funny how much you need to hoard in Devour. Take the time to collect and store key items you need to survive. Keep your water-cleaning bottles near the bathhouse, store medkits in key junctions around the Inn, and try to keep your spider eggs in one place as best as you can. The spider eggs are less of a priority since the spiders will collect them and move around the map.

Keep your bathwater clean, gamers

As you find and hoard the water-cleaning bottles, take the time to clean your bathwater. It’s one less step to think about as you skulk around the Inn hunting for spider eggs to sacrifice. When you do find those eggs, it’s a lot easier to run back with the peace of mind that you can get to cleansing right away.

Devour seems to only get bigger with each update. Early access will fly by before we know it, so stay tuned for more Devour content. Happy culting!

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