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Everything new coming to Dead by Daylight in 2022

Dead by Daylight had its 6-year anniversary stream today, announcing a roadmap for the next year and a lot of big things coming in 2022. Not only is there a new franchise title on the way, but multiple collaborations bringing other exciting content to Dead by Deadlight. Let’s take a look at everything announced for Dead by Daylight in 2022. 

Meta Perks rework, pre-set Loadouts, and events

The Dead by Daylight meta is pretty rigid right now, with experienced players consistently using the same perks in every match. Through continual observation on player behavior (pun intended) Behaviour Interactive can clearly see that meta perks have taken over the game. The Killer meta perks are Corrupt Intervention, Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance, BBQ and Chili, Pop Goes the Weasel, and Hex: Ruin. The meta Survivor perks are Dead Hard, Decisive Strike, Borrowed Time, Iron Will, and Self-Care.

With everyone using the same loadouts this makes gameplay feel stale. So Behaviour are reworking 40 major Survivor and Killer perks to force change in the game. It isn’t only popular perks Behaviour will be looking at. They will probably change some less used perks as well to make them more desirable. 

Along with perk changes comes a big feature Dead by Daylight players have wanted for a long time: pre-set loadouts. Finally, you can save your favorite perks, items, add-ons, and even cosmetics. These loadouts are unique to every character, so you can save builds for all your Killers and Survivors. Pre-set loadouts will release with the new chapter on June 7. 

The next thing the studio is looking to do is create better in-game events. Last year the Snowman event was a huge success, as it brought about funny moments and had great player engagement. Behaviour wants to make sure every event is that engaging. The four main events that Behaviour focuses on for players are the Anniversary event, Halloween event, Winter event, and Lunar New Year event.

Prestige and Mori changes

In 2022, Behaviour is finally reworking the flawed Prestige system in Dead by Daylight. The new system will no longer delete all perks, offerings, items, and add-ons on a character. This was one of the biggest reasons some players did not want to Prestige. Instead, Prestige will have levels. Prestige 1 will unlock the first tier of all of each character’s Perks to all other characters, Prestige 2 will unlock all the second tier Perks for all characters, and Prestige 3 will unlock the final perk tier for all characters.

For example, take the Trapper’s three unique perks Unnerving Presence, Agitation, and Brutal Strength. If you Prestige him once then all of your Killers get the tier 1 versions of Unnerving Presence, Agitation, and Brutal Strength. Then Prestige 2 grants them the tier 2 versions,  and Prestige 3 delivers the final tier perks. There will also be a new Prestige crest that will be visible to other players, indicating how many times you’ve Prestiged individual characters. Players will be able to Prestige an unlimited amount of times to show off their new crests.

If you are already Prestige 3 on a character when this update goes live do not worry, Behaviour has a reward for you. Each reward will be unique to the character you have which is Prestige 3. While they did not say what the rewards are, I imagine they will be similar to the legacy rewards players got back in 2016 after the Bloodweb rework. Back then anyone who was Prestige 1,2, or 3 before the update went live got rewarded with special cosmetics that cannot be obtained any other way.

Dead by Daylight mori prestige
Screenshot by SQUAD

What about if you have already spent a bunch of Bloodpoints leveling Perks on your other characters? Behaviour has a plan for this as well. There will be a Prestige catch-up mechanic in place. It will look at how many Perks you have leveled up on all your characters, then award you a certain amount of Prestige levels to the characters accordingly.

The Mori change that was hinted at last year has been explained in more detail. There will be no more Mori Offerings in the game, instead, Moris will be a baseline mechanic for all Killers. What they revealed so far is that when one Survivor is left, and the Killer downs them, the Killer will immediately Mori the Survivor and end the game. That is all they could share with us today, but the system will have more features to it. The Mori update is planned to go live with the Halloween update.

Matchmaking, bots, and Streamer mode

Matchmaking queues in Dead by Daylight can get really long, especially during times when fewer players are online. So a new feature Behaviour is adding matchmaking rewards. The game will detect if more Killers or Survivors are needed to make matchmaking faster. Then if a player queues as the needed role, they will get an extra reward when the game ends.

Dead by Daylight custom lobby bots
Screenshot by SQUAD

Behaviour also announced introducing bots into the game. Bots are characters, either Survivor or Killer, that are controlled by AI instead of a player. These bots are for use in custom lobbies, to give players an area where they can practice the game, and try out new Perks. Currently, you cannot start a custom lobby by yourself, which means you need friends to test any ideas you have. But if your friends are unavailable or don’t have Dead by Daylight, then it can be quite frustrating to not be able to do anything solo. Bots are planned to release in the Winter update for Dead by Daylight.

Streamer mode is another exciting change coming to Dead by Daylight. It will provide a way for players to hide their identity and the identity of their teammates. This will help Dead by Daylight content creators avoid stream-snipers and targetted toxicity. This new feature will release in Dead by Daylight sometime in the fall of 2022.

Chapter 24: Roots of Dread 

Dead by Daylight has officially announced chapter 24, Roots of Dread. This new chapter will have a new Killer, Survivor, and map for players to explore. Roots of Dread is a chapter of nightmares come to life, as this is what the new Killer embodies.  

The new Killer is the Dredge and is the most monstrous Killer to ever come to Dead by Daylight. Behaviour wanted the Dredge to be like the Bogeyman, a monster that hides under the bed at night, or in the dark corners of your house; an embodiment of amorphous fear that is never too far. When you look at it, the Dredge truly looks like a monster from a horrible nightmare. It has a smokey body of darkness with limbs mixed and match together. The Dredge will have unique cosmetics, where you can mix and match other parts, such as tentacles, to make your perfect monster.  

What is the power of the Dredge? As always we got a general description of its power. The Dredge can traverse the map by teleporting to Lockers, and can then emerge from Lockers to jumpscare Survivors. Not only that, the Dredge will also be able to use its own darkness to impede Survivors with an ability called Nightfall. When this ability is active, all Survivors will have their vision severely obscured by darkness. Players will be able to see exactly how the Dredge works, and what its perks do, on the PTB after the anniversary livestream.

Image by Behaviour Interactive

The new Survivor will be a familiar face to anyone who stays up to date with Dead by Daylight lore. Her name is Haddie Kaur, and she has a unique paranormal ability to see Bleeds. Bleeds are where the fabric between our world and the Entity’s is the thinnest. Unfortunately, this means she has had a tough life seeing the horrors of the Entity, and eventually ended up in the Entity’s realm. Haddie, and her three unique perks, will be available to players on the PTB with the Dredge. 

The next addition from the Roots of Dread chapter is the new map, Garden of Joy. This map features a large house as the main building. On the outside the house looks completely normal, but the inside is a far different story. Inside the house is twisted and wrong, like a nightmare. Around the house is a dense forest for Survivors to hide, or get chased in. This is going to be one of the densest forests we have seen in Dead by Daylight, so players can expect a far different forest than the ones we are used to.  

Image by Behaviour Interactive

Anniversary event

The anniversary event is going to be the Twisted Masquerade, and is going live on June 16. The Twisted Masquerade is going to be a huge event. Not only are generators, lockers, and hooks getting a new look, but the Killer Shack and Exit Gates will too. Behaviour wants this event to feel like a big celebration.

The new event cosmetics this year also look fancier than ever. Previously the cosmetic rewards were simple gold crowns. Behaviour wanted to make sure this year was not as simple, and have 12 unique cosmetics that look quite fashionable. So how can you get them?

This time it is not grabbing a crown off a pedestal. Instead players will need to collect invitations in game, and these invitations will randomly award one of the 12 cosmetics. Along with these will be a full event outfit for the new Killer the Dredge, and new Survivor Haddie Kaur. Additionally there will be a special Event Tome with two levels of event challenges.

Dead by Daylight anniversary show
Screenshot by SQUAD

Something else coming back in this event are community challenges. But this time there will be an in game progress bar showing the community’s progress in the challenge. Below the community challenge progress will be your personal progress, which shows how much you have contributed to the challenge. This will help you not only win the community rewards, but some personal rewards as well. The final part of the event will be daily login rewards and a weekend Bloodhunt.

Hooked on You 

Something I’m sure players never thought they would hear is an official Dead by Daylight dating sim game, but it is coming and its name is Hooked On You. This new game was created with the help of Psyop, the company that made I Love You, Colonel Sanders. But why would Behaviour want to make such a game? Well, because the fans requested it of course! In last year’s community survey a dating sim game was the most popular choice. 

Hooked On You will have four Killers, the Wraith, Huntress, Trapper, and Spirit. If the game is successful, and the community requests it, there is the possibility of more Killers being added in the future. There could even be Survivors too at some point, but Survivors are not part of the story this game is presenting to players. Hooked On You will not be your typical dating sim game, as the Killers will still have their killer personalities. This game will let you get to know each Killer’s story better, and maybe have some life-threatening encounters along the way. It’s important to know that the story of Hooked On You is not canon, and the whole thing is pretty tongue-in-cheek.

As Hooked On You is based on Dead by Daylight, the Entity is around too, and Behaviour tells us there is an exciting twist in the game. Players will have a lot of choices to make, you start off as a blank slate. You can choose to romance every Killer to get on their good sides, or you can choose to be interested in their stories and not romance them at all. Of course, there will be many more choices, maybe you can show favoritism and spend more time with one Killer and less with the others. Hooked On You will be coming out sometime this summer.

Image by Behaviour Interactive

Project W 

Behaviour has announced another chapter for Dead by Daylight called Project W, and this is going to be another Resident Evil chapter. This is the first time players are getting a second chapter of licensed content. The first Resident Evil chapter that released last year brought us a new Killer the Nemesis, and two Survivors Jill Valentine and Leon S. Kennedy. Since the chapter was such a success Behaviour got this opportunity for a second chapter. 

While we know the next chapter after Roots of Dread will be Project W, we do not know the characters yet. Will we get another two Survivors and one Killer like last time, and will there be a new map? Players can only speculate for now. There has been an unconfirmed leak that the new Survivors will be Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers, and the Killer will be Albert Wesker. As for a map, players think there will be more variations of the Raccoon City Police Department added. This is all just speculation and none of it has been confirmed.  

Getting a second chapter of Resident Evil gives players exciting news for the future. This means that just because we got a license already does not mean we will not get more characters from it. Maybe we could get another Silent Hill chapter, or perhaps we could get single character chapters like with Leatherface and Bill Overbeck.

Image by Behaviour Interactive

Attack on Titan  

Dead by Daylight has another exciting collaboration in store for the players, and it is with Attack on Titan. As many of you already know, Attack on Titan is one of the biggest and most popular manga franchises ever made. So being able to get cosmetics from characters from Attack on Titan is a huge deal, and maybe we could get more in the future.   

So far they have revealed three cosmetics to be released soon. The first is Dwight as Eren, then Zarina as Hange, and Oni as the Armored Titan. There will be more cosmetics than the ones they revealed, since Behaviour still wants to surprise the players. Now you can enjoy playing as iconic characters from Attack on Titan as you try to survive, or kill, in the Entity’s realm.     

Image by Behaviour Interactive

Dead by Daylight mobile update

Behaviour released a big Dead by Daylight mobile update for Japan only for testing. This update saw huge success and so now the update is going into beta testing for other regions. The closed beta test for North America will release in two weeks with leaderboards, quick matches, team system, new tutorial, graphic updates, and more!

Funkpop Dead by Daylight
Screenshot by SQUAD

Funko Pops  

Funko Pops were announced at last year’s Dead by Daylight anniversary livestream, but they never came. A lot of players started thinking maybe their deal fell through. Well, it turns out manufacturing shortages are the reason for the massive delay. Behaviour wanted to let players know that Funko Pops are still on the way, and confirmed that we are getting the Wraith, Doctor, Huntress, and Claudette.

That is everything coming to Dead by Daylight in 2022. There are a lot of exciting new things for players to look forward to, and we will cover them all – stay tuned for more Dead by Daylight content!

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