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Everything to catch in Animal Crossing: New Horizons before June ends

As June ends the wildlife in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is about to change once again. So I am going to go over all the fish and bugs leaving soon. Since not many critters are leaving in both hemispheres, I will include both in this article.

Northern Hemisphere

Luckily, all the bugs leaving are easy to capture. All you have to do is take some time to find them. The Common Butterfly, Yellow Butterfly, and Peacock Butterfly are all disappearing. To find them just look around flowers. They like to fly around any type of flower, and can even land on flowers.

If you are having trouble finding the Peacock Butterfly, it is because you do not have any hybrid flowers. Once you get some, the Peacock Butterfly becomes a common sight.

While searching through your flowers, keep an eye out for the Ladybug, which will also be leaving soon. Ladybugs are small, look like red dots, and can be found on any flower. Just make sure to approach slowly so you do not scare them away.

Ladybug June Animal Crossing: New Horizons

There are two bugs leaving that have special requirements to find them. Those are the Pill Bug and Centipede. You cannot find these bugs out and about in the world – instead, you have to hit rocks with shovels or axes. When you hit a rock, there is a chance for a Pill Bug or Centipede to pop out.

Pill Bugs only pop out between 11 pm and 4 pm, and are easier to catch since they ball up when you get close. The Centipede only pops out from 4 pm to 11 pm, and will just continue to run away so make sure to move fast. Both of these bugs will de-spawn if you do not catch them fast enough.

Another special bug leaving is the Violin Beetle. This bug only spawns on tree stumps, so if you do not have any on your island you will never see one of these guys. The Violin Beetle is the most common bug to find on stumps, and can spawn at any time. Creating more tree stumps can help increase your chances of finding a Violin Beetle, if you are having any trouble finding them. Make sure to move slowly once you see one, as they will fly away if startled.

Violin Beetle June Animal Crossing: New Horizona

The last bug leaving is the Firefly. These bugs are quite abundant at night, and start spawning after 7 pm. You can easily recognize them because they flash their yellow lights constantly as they fly around. Catching them is easy, since they are slow-moving and you cannot scare them away.

As for the fish, only two of them are leaving us at the end of June: the Char and Cherry Salmon, which are both clifftop river fish and spawn between 4 pm 9 am.

Depending on how big your clifftop river is, you may want to travel to another island with Nook Miles Tickets. These islands are great for fishing because they have increased spawn rates, but not all of them have clifftop rivers. Both of these fish are not difficult to catch once you find a good clifftop river.


Both of these fish have size 3 shadows, so you do not have to worry about accidentally catching any Black Bass as those are a size 4 fish. Just scare away any shadows that are not size 3, or use fish food, and you will have these before you know it!

Southern Hemisphere

Surprisingly there are no bugs leaving the Southern Hemisphere next month, so you can rest easy in that category. As for the fish, you also get a big break here as only one fish is leaving, which is the Pike. This is a river fish that can be found at any time and has a massive size 5 shadow. This is the only river fish with a size 5 shadow, making the Pike easily identifiable.


You should be able to catch the Pike on your own island by scaring away smaller fish. If you have any difficulties finding the Pike, then try your luck with Nook Miles Tickets. If you are lucky, you may find big fish island, which only spawns fish size 4 and bigger.

There you have it, everything that is leaving when June ends in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. I hope this guide has helped you out and good luck catching those critters!

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