Everything you can do in the Grand Underground in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Pretty much everything you can do in the Grand Underground in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl is interesting or beneficial. There is so much you can do besides just building secret bases and looking for treasures. Let’s take a look at the new features you can play with and everything else you can do in the Grand Underground in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.


In the Grand Underground, if you look closely at your map, you will see yellow dots indicating dig spots. Pressing the R button will send out a ping that will make any nearby yellow dots from the map start sparkling. This makes it much easier to find the dig spot, as it is a lot easier to see a shiny dot than a small yellow dot on your map.   

Now you can go up to the shiny dot and interact with it to start digging. At the beginning of the dig you will hear a chime, and then a text box will tell you how many items are buried. Then you can proceed to dig. Be careful – the dig spot will collapse after you dig too much.  

You can find a lot of goodies in these dig spots. The main items you will find are various colors and sizes of spheres. These spheres act as the currency of the Grand Underground. With them, you can buy things such as TMs, pedestals, and exchange spheres for different colors and sizes. You can also sell items you found while digging in exchange for spheres.


You can find a lot more goodies than just spheres. You can find all colors of shards for the shard trader on Route 212. You can also discover fossils, evolution stones, various types of plates, mysterious shards, special rocks, Heart Scales, Odd Keystones, and much more. To see all items you can dig up, check out the list compiled by Pokemon community resource Serebii. 

The most exciting things to uncover are the new items Pretty Stone Box and Gorgeous Stone Box. These boxes contain valuable Pokemon statues to decorate, and add effects to your secret base. The type of Pokemon statue you will find inside a box is represented by the symbol on it. Pretty Stone Boxes will always give plain stone Pokemon Statues. The Gorgeous Stone Boxes will give you Shiny Pokemon statues. 

Secret Bases 

Secret bases are also making a comeback in the Grand Underground. To create a secret base you first need a Digger Drill. You get one from the Underground Man when you first get access to the Grand Underground. However, it does break after every use, so if you want to relocate your base you must buy another Digger Drill from one of the vendors in the Grand Underground.

Your secret base starts out with a medium-sized space. It is possible to upgrade it by talking to certain vendors in the Grand Underground who will offer to expand the size of your secret base – at a price, of course. You can only expand your secret base two times.

You can decorate your secret base with statues you’ve found while digging. These statues can be placed on top of pedestals you get for a more interesting display, and confer a secret bonus.

secret-base grand underground Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Statue Effects 

Pokemon statues can apply a map-wide buff depending on which statues you have in your base. What this buff does is increase the chances for Pokemon of a certain type to appear. You can check which Pokemon type is boosted by interacting with the orb at the front of your base. It is possible to turn this boost off if needed. Only one Pokemon type can be boosted at a time. 

The more statues you have of similar Pokemon types, the higher the chances get of that Pokemon type spawning in Pokemon Hideaways. Shiny Pokemon statues are green and give more of a boost than the normal grey statues. However, the statues that give you the biggest boost are the legendary Pokemon statues.

This system is quite complex so I have prepared a separate guide explaining Pokemon statues.


Pokemon Hideaways 

A new feature in the Grand Underground is Pokemon Hideaways. These areas are represented by large squares on the map. When you first enter the Grand Underground all these squares will have question marks on them. Once you enter the Pokemon Hideaway you will discover the biome inside, and the square will be marked by a color indicating which biome it is. You can check the name of the biome by watching the top left corner when you enter the room.  

Pokemon Hideaways are similar to the Wild Area in Pokemon Sword and Shield. You will see all of the Pokemon roaming in the world. So the only way to get into battle with them is to run into them. Nearly all Pokemon in these hideaways will chase you if they see you, but you can run behind them to avoid getting their attention.     

Each biome has set Pokemon that have a chance to spawn within. No Pokemon outside of these predetermined lists will spawn in a Pokemon Hideaway, even if you have an active buff from your secret base. Some Pokemon spawns are locked behind certain events in the game. For example, after beating certain gym leaders you have the chance to find Pokemon you could not before. Even more Pokemon spawns are unlocked once you beat the game, and have the national Pokedex.

For your reference, here’s the list of all the Pokemon spawns, and when they appear.


These Pokemon Hideaways also have rare Pokemon spawns. There is a trick you can do to try and find these rare spawns. Every time you enter a Pokemon Hideaway, all the Pokemon are spawned in. In effect, you can essentially re-roll the spawned Pokemon by leaving and then coming back into the room, though it can still take a while to find the rare Pokemon you are after. If you are after a rare Pokemon it is best to have a buff active to make it more likely to spawn.

Pokemon inside these areas scale their level based on how progressed you are in the game. This makes Pokemon Hideaways a great way to level up Pokemon, since they will usually be higher levels than the ones you find on routes. These Pokemon start at level 16 and can scale all the way up to 63.

If your Pokemon are hurt after battle there is a way to restore their health. Some of the miners in the Grand Underground act as Pokemon centers. That way you do not have to go back to the surface or use your potions to heal your Pokemon.   

Diglett and Dugtrio Power 

When you enter the Grand Underground, you will notice a bar under the map that says 00/40. If you are playing online the bar may be filled partially, and the numbers will be 13/40 or 30/40. But what does it mean?  

Well, while you are running around the Grand Underground, you will notice some Digletts and Dugtrios in the tunnels. When you approach them they will bury themselves and go away, and leave behind a sparkling spot. If you run over this sparkling spot the number in that counter will go up, and the bar will fill itself. Digletts award one point to this counter while Dugtrio award three points to it.


If you are playing online or in local multiplayer with friends, then everyone can contribute to this counter. This creates a fun goal that players can work together to complete. Once the goal has been reached everyone will hear a whistle and be informed that “Something good may happen in the Grand Underground.” Then a 5-minute timer will start. If you are playing alone this buff only lasts for 4 minutes.   

During these 4 minutes, there will be a slightly increased chance to find shiny Pokemon inside Pokemon Hideaways. There will also be an increased chance of finding Gorgeous Boxes while digging. These Gorgeous Boxes always hold a shiny Pokemon statue inside. 

When the timer is almost up players will hear a whistle that warns them the event is about to end. 

Online features 

The Diglett and Dugtrio bonus meter is not the only feature enhanced by online play. When you choose to connect to the internet or play in local multiplayer, you will see blue dots on your map. These blue dots represent the other players you are sharing the Grand Underground with. While connected with these players you can see them moving about the Grand Underground in real-time.  

There Is limited communication you can do with other players. If you press the Y button and select “Call” you will see a bunch of icons. With these icons you can say Hi to other players, and tell them what you want to do. Some icons also automatically appear over players’ heads if they are doing certain things. For example, if they are in a Pokemon battle they will have a Pokeball icon. If they are digging there will be a pick icon.


If you come across someone who is digging, their dig spot will be sparkling brightly. While you cannot dig together, it is possible to help each other out. If you join in someone’s dig spot, they will see your pick digging on their screen. This will uncover some dirt on their dig spots, allowing them to find hidden objects. Be aware that your dig spots are still unique for each player, so just because you see a person digging in a certain spot does not mean there is treasure there for you.  

Another special online feature is being able to visit other player’s secret bases. You can see other people’s bases as pulsating blue dots. When you enter someone’s base you can see all their statues, and even activate the bonus they provide. So if you find someone that has statues you do not, you can benefit from their secret base.   

This is everything you need to know about the Grand Underground in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Have fun with your adventures throughout the Grand Underground, and stay tuned for more Pokemon guides.

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