F1 2020 beginners guide – everything you need to know before you start

For as long as there’s been gaming, there have been racing games. For me, it all started with Mario Kart on my Nintendo 64. Quite recently, I decided to venture into the F1 world and bought myself F1 2020. Despite having a driver’s license, I admit I was quite a noob in the beginning, but I’m getting better each day. I want to share with you guys my beginners guide for F1 2020, so you can skip the intimidating early phase of the game and maybe avoid some of my mistakes.

What to know before starting

F1 2020 is about a whole lot more than driving fast cars. Beyond just learning the controls and getting acquainted with the maps, it actually requires tactical thinking. That means learning about the engine, aerodynamics, tires, pit stops, and everything else concerning that sport, such as the fact that the right setup can win you a race.

As someone who knows nothing about cars and has a hard time even just checking the oil in my car, it was a bit of a challenge. Nevertheless, I survived and so can you!

Using the assists

First up on this beginners guide for F1 2020 is game assists. If you are a complete beginner like me, then take my advice and start out with all the possible assists the game has to offer. That means Traction Control, Antilock Breaking System and so on. With less variables, it’s easier to learn.

Getting acquainted with the maps

In order to improve your skills in F1, you should practice on one map with all the assists F1 2020 has to offer, and once you Ace that map, it’s time to slowly turn off those assists, one by one. See which assists you can do without and which you can’t.

Once you’ve managed to let go of the various training wheels, you are ready to try the Career Mode.

Making a bigger challenge for yourself

Once you enter the Career Mode, it’s all about trial and error. Race as often as you can, and once the matches begin to feel easy to play, it’s time to increase the difficulty rating and remove the game assists.

I had a hard time letting go of the traction control and dynamic racing line, but it did feel quite awesome when I did, as I knew the outcome was achieved by me and nothing else.

f1 2020 beginners guide

Keyboard vs steering wheel setup

If you are unfamiliar with the game, then I would say you should try F1 2020 using the keyboard before investing in a full steering wheel setup.

Why, you ask? Well, first of all, those setups are not free, so obviously you should make sure you actually enjoy the game before investing a considerable amount of money on a setup that might end up collecting dust on a shelf.

Second, although the steering setup will make your life easier when it comes to traction control, the keyboard is more than enough to get you started.

Learning from the best

I am firm believe of learning from example. The best way to learn how to play the game is to watch the pros do their magic. You can either watch real life professionals, or stick to the best F1 2020 streamers out there.

  • Elreyguiri_f1. First up on the list is David Castilla, a.k.a. elreyguiri_f1. This streamer has quite the unique view of F1 2020, and he knows the franchise inside and out. You can watch him on Twitch, where hestreams very often. Disclaimer: he speaks in Spanish, but even if you don’t understand the language, you can watch him play and still learn.
  • Landonorris. Lando Norris is an actual F1 driver who plays for McLaren, and he is also an F1 2020 streamer, so who better to show you how to get around in the game? His Twitch channel is full of interesting F1 2020 highlights and there is much to learn from him.
  • Charlesleclerc. Charles Leclerc is also an F1 driver, currently playing for Scuderia Ferrari. He also likes to stream on Twitch. He enjoys the game version of his real-life career, and it really shows.
  • Badg3rman. Another streamer you can watch is Austin Smith, a.k.a. badg3rman. He is quite an interesting streamer, and teaches viewers a lot about the game.
  • RadWeasel. If the language barrier isn’t a problem for you, then you might want to check out Miguel Bento, a.k.a. RadWeasel on Twitch. This dude adores the game, and I’m sure that you will learn quite a bit if you just give him a chance.
  • RyanL83. Last on my list is Ryan, a.k.a. RyanL83. This Twitch streamer plays several motorsport games, with a greater focus on F1. He’s been streaming F1 2020 quite a bit, and I have to say his streams are very interesting.

And so our beginners guide for F1 2020 has come to an end. Let me know if you’d like me to get more into detail about the game, and share my experiences as I improve.

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