Five of the best Constructor perks in Fortnite: Save the World

People often talk about the “best Constructor” in Fortnite: Save the World, and honestly, there’s not much to discuss there. BASE Kyle and PowerBASE Knox are the two best Constructors in the game because of their perks that strengthen your forts unlike anything else. Now there are dozens of other Constructors in the game, and while they aren’t meta per se, they can be made viable by using the right Constructor perks in your Support Team.

There are very few situations – like Frostnite or Wargames, for example – in which you absolutely require the best possible Constructor. In every place on the map, right till the end of Twine Peaks, you can easily do with any Constructor in the game, given you have the right Support Heroes. That way, you get to have fun without the mission being too hard. Naturally, Powerbase KNOX (self-healing walls) and BASE Kyle (extra health to walls) are also the best Support Constructors and have the best perks as well, so the list below will not include them.

Here are five of the best Constructor perks in Fortnite.

Base M.D.

Fortnite: Save the World Best Constructors Warden Kyle

Confession: Base M.D. is on this list because “Top 4” doesn’t sound as good as “Top 5”. In all seriousness, this one is clearly one tier lower than the other four on this list (and the two other meta Constructors). Healing your team is always good, and while it is a slow effect, the cumulative healing makes it all worth it.

Base M.D. is a pretty decent perk to have on any constructor, although you probably won’t have the space for it. But if you’re using something like Recycling over it, I’d reconsider that slot because it’s much easier to get mats than it is to retain your team’s total health.

Fully Contained

Fortnite: Save the World Best Constructors Electropulse Penny

Fully Contained is fantastic and is one of the few Constructor abilities that surprisingly does well in high-level missions in Fortnite: Save the World. It simply deals damage to enemies that attack your walls. Pair that with some of the other perks on this list, and you’re on your way to a fort that doesn’t need you to shoot.

Frozen Castle

Fortnite: Save the World Best Constructors Ice King

Frozen Castle as a Support Perk lets you snare enemies. This basically slows them down for a few seconds and makes them vulnerable to perks that make your guns deal extra damage to snared enemies. Slowing is a good effect to cast because slower enemies will be taking longer to bring down a wall. As a side note, I should mention that Frozen Castle is an excellent Commander Perk as well because of the freeze effect.


Fortnite: Save the World Best Constructors MegaBASE Kyle

Mega BASE lets your BASE cover 1 extra tile in each direction. Extra coverage is always good, because those extra tiles also get the benefits of all of your other Support perks. That means that if you have Frozen Castle on your Support, enemies on those extra tiles will also be getting snared. While useful, Mega BASE isn’t absolutely necessary in most Jail builds if you place the BASE right, but if you’re doing a damage-build, those extra tiles go a long way.

Note that for Fight Category 4 Storms, if you only have one Constructor on the team, I’d rank Mega BASE above BASE Kyle and PowerBASE Knox for your Commander slot. It helps to have all four Atlases covered with the BASE over just one having coverage and a really good defense perk.

Tough Traps

Fortnite: Save the World Best Constructors Machinist Harper

Machinist Harper’s Tough Traps provides extra durability to your traps, which is useful in pretty much any build. It helps you save on resources (which we’re all always running out of) and with the right perked-up traps it can create bases that can defend themselves for the entire duration of the mission.

This matters especially with Jail Builds, where one trap running out of durability and the wall staying that way for a while can mean the failure of your entire mission. It is also helpful in Frostnite missions, where you’re low on resources from the beginning. Aside from hardware or ability-based Constructors, I recommend using Machinist Harper on any Constructor loadout you’re using.


Not a single Constructor on this list has a perk that does not provide benefits to your forts, which is saying something about the Constructor metagame. Their abilities need a huge overhaul or some kind of improvement, and hardware needs to come a long way to be viable beyond 108 Twine. Decoy absolutely should work on Mist Monsters, but Epic had specifically nerfed that so it’s unlikely that will change. It scares me to think of doing those Storm Shield Defense missions in Twine without that, because back when I finished the 10th one, we had a team full of Decoy Constructors for the Smasher wave.

Two other popular perks are Recycling and Feel the Base, and neither of these is useful. It’s much easier to just farm with an Outlander (or your pickaxe), and Feel the Base falls short of damage towards the end of Twine. Hopefully the balance of the class gets better so we can actually debate which the best Constructor in Fortnite: Save the World is.

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