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Genshin Impact currency guide – how to gain and spend every currency

For as much fun as Genshin Impact is, there are elements of the game that remind you it is a free to play mobile adaptation. There are around seven different currencies in Genshin Impact, and as players quickly move through the main story and dungeons, you will receive a lot of rewards that you won’t know how to use. This guide will break down every currency in Genshin Impact, and the best ways to spend it. 


Mora is the standard gold currency, used to purchase items from merchants and to craft new items. A lot of interactions require Mora, including refining materials, buying craftables, or processing food resources. Mora is the most basic resource in the game and is best used for purchasing crafting materials, ingredients, and stockpiling for the costs of upgrading heroes later on in Genshin Impact.


Sigils are obtained by opening chests, worshipping Statues of the Seven, and completing certain quests. There are Anemo and Geo Sigils, specific to the region in which you obtain them, and the rewards available. Sigils are the currency for Souvenir Shops where Ascension materials, Mora, and prototypes are purchased. Marjorie in Mondstadt takes Anemo Sigils as payment, and Xingxi in Liyue Harbor takes Geo Sigils.

The most effective use for Sigils early on is to acquire Constellation materials for the Traveler, increasing their power in Anemo.

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Genshin Impact Store Currencies

Genshin Impact is F2P, but uses microtransactions as a way to acquire new heroes, and gain boosters and bonuses. The currencies listed will give players access to boosts, wishes for summoning heroes, and crafting materials. How they are spent directly impacts how much time players will be spending in the game grinding.

Genesis Crystals

Genesis crystals are the only currency that can be bought directly through microtransactions. However, genesis crystals can be traded one-to-one for Primogens. Currently, players can buy the Blessings of the Moon pack, which includes 300 Genesis Crystals, which can be converted to Primogens or used to open up Starter supply bundles.


Primogens are Genshin Impact’s premium currency for buying Fates, which give players a chance to Wish for a new hero or high-star items. Primogens are rewarded for completing quests and world events, often in small amounts, pushing players to spend money towards the endgame. I recommend saving up Primogens until you are certain of what you want to Wish for, considering that random stat rolls play a significant part in Genshin Impact.

Masterless Stardust & Masterless Starglitter

The next two currencies come from wishing and are acquired in small amounts. Masterless Stardust is the more common of the two and can be spent to acquire more Fates, purchase Adventurer’s Experience, or any other number of items needed for Ascension. There is a limit as to how many of each type of Fate you can purchase each month with Masterless Stardust, so purchase the max number of Fates possible to begin the cooldown.

Masterless StardustMasterless Starglitter

Masterless Starglitter is harder to come by when Wishing, and unlocks better rewards for a higher price. This month, Razor and Amber are up for purchase using Masterless Starglitter, but that isn’t what you want to spend this currency on.

Out of all the currencies, save Starglitter until you reach Adventurer rank 20. The endgame of Genshin Impact is an arduous process of RNG and hoping for god-tier item rolls. Masterless Starglitter will let you purchase purple 4-star items, and save you countless hours running dungeons and Spiral Abyss.

Fates: The Wish Currency

The format for Genshin Impact is to have one or two Standard Wish options and one or two Special Wish Events. The events offer the chance to receive a 5-star hero or item, with a few 4-star heroes or items thrown in. Standard Wishes require Acquaint Fate, whereas Special Even Wishes require Intertwined Fate. In the Primogens section, I discussed saving, and it was for this exact reason.

The heroes and items available in the wishes will alternate for new content consistently. To improve the chances of acquiring better gear, wish in 10s, guaranteeing yourself at least one 4-star for your efforts.

Genshin Impact has found a way to skirt the invasive microtransaction monetization method of so many other mobile F2P titles. Sure, there are numerous intertwined types of in-game currency in Genshin Impact, but miHoYo have done a fantastic job of giving each one a purpose.

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