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Genshin Impact Sayu Build Path – Weapons, Artifacts, teams

I already made the rolling joke in the farming guide...

Sayu can be a pretty effective unit with the right build and team, so let’s explore just how to get Sayu built up for battle in Genshin Impact!

Here are some of the artifact sets that you can use with Sayu:

Sayu has a few different possible Artifact combinations – but you’ll want to get a full set of Viridescent Venerer to get the best boost to your Anemo damage. Two pieces of Viridescent Venerer will net you a nice 15% Anemo damage bonus, with four pieces giving you a 60% boost to Swirl damage. On top of that, it also decreases enemies’ Elemental Resistance to the swirled element by 40% for 10 seconds.

Alternatively, you could grab a full set of Noblesse Oblige for a two-piece bonus that gives you a  20% damage bonus to Sayu’s Elemental Burst. The four-piece set will net you a 20% bonus to the ATK of everyone in your party for 12 seconds after using an Elemental Burst.

The two-piece set bonus of Emblem of Severed Fate will give you a neat little 20% Energy Recharge buff. Pair that with the15% Healing Effectiveness boost from the two-piece Maiden Beloved set, and you have yourself an effective and fun support character.

You can procure Viridescent Venerer and Maiden Beloved artifacts from the Valley of Remembrance Domain in Mondstadt exclusively. Noblesse Oblige pieces are farmed in the Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern Domain in Liyue, and EoSF comes from the Momiji-Dyed Court Domain in Inazuma. Building Sayu is really more of an “Around the World in 80 Days” situation.

Stat focuses

For your main stats, you’ll be aiming for Energy Recharge/ Elemental Mastery with your Sands, Elemental Mastery/ ATK% with your Goblet, and Healing Bonus/ Elemental Mastery with your Circlet. As for your sub-stats, you’re striving for Energy Recharge, Elemental Mastery and ATK%.

Sayu isn’t super fussy about the quality of her weaponry – which is good for you and your wallet (and sanity). Here are some of the Claymores Sayu can utilize:

  • Wolf’s Gravestone (5✩)
  • Favonius Greatsword (4✩)
  • Katsuragikiri Nagamasa (4✩)
  • Sacrificial Greatsword (4✩)
  • Rainslasher (4✩)
  • Bloodtainted Greatsword (3✩)

Luckily most of these claymores are 4-Star weapons, which means they shouldn’t be too difficult for you to obtain and upgrade. As soon as I get Wolf’s Gravestone it’s going on Razor, so I’m glad Sayu uses 4-Star weapons.

Who she’s teaming up with

Anemo Characters are great in almost any team, and they just so happen to be the most fun element. For a great Swirl team comp, you can set her up with Xiao, Chongyun, and Zhongli. You can swap out Xiao and Chongyun for Xiangling and Albedo or Hu Tao and Bennett as well. It’s really up to you. Honestly, rolling is never not fun, so I just take Sayu everywhere.

You’ve got all you need from me! It’s time for you to head out and start building your Sayu! Be sure to farm her up properly first though in order to get her as strong as she can be!

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