GTFO overview – Everything you need to know about the new horror co-op shooter

10 Chambers just released their much-anticipated debut title GTFO, an Aliens-esque co-op shooter like nothing else currently on the market. The game is unique in practically every way – read on to find out if GTFO is for you or not.

Rotating missions

10 Chambers have stated they intend to keep the game fresh by regularly introducing new missions – or Rundowns, in GTFO terminology. As they add new ones, old ones rotate and become inaccessible. The game will gradually evolve its mechanics, features and lore in this way. It seems GTFO is less about grinding and more about learning and re-learning new things, and exploring new depths over time.

GTFO | Explaining the Rundown

Fair monetization

In an interview back in March, 10 Chambers developer Simon Viklund told me in no uncertain terms that the studio would never stoop down to using loot boxes or anything like that. They intend to fund GTFO development through sales of the game, and later on through auxiliary funding streams like support-the-developer packs. Purchasable cosmetics may also be on the table, although we are not sure how viable cosmetics would be in the low- and no-light environments of GTFO.

This is not a casual game

Despite some reviewers comparing GTFO to Left 4 Dead or Payday, it plays nothing like either title. On the Steam page for the game, 10 Chambers makes sure to stress that this is very difficult stealth shooter that cannot be played casually or aggressively. In fact, they even warn potential players not to buy the game before making sure they are up to the challenge.

GTFO before you buy

No matchmaking at launch

GTFO Rundowns are balanced for 4-player teams. However, the game currently does not have a matchmaking feature, and bots are not an option. Viklund explained that they simply cannot design AIs complex enough to handle what a GTFO player needs to do to survive. Matchmaking is on the way, and your best option for now is to get some friends in your lobby, or find people through the game’s Discord. If you are not using Discord, make sure to enable Steam voice chat: communication is key to survival.

GTFO is available in Early Access on Steam, and is currently 10% off – sale lasts until Jan. 3.

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