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How to use Haddie Kaur’s perks in Dead by Daylight

Haddie Kaur is the latest Survivor in Dead by Daylight, arriving in the Roots of Dread chapter with three new perks. Let’s see how her perks work, and how they can help Survivors escape from the Killer.

Inner Focus 

Haddie’s first unique perk is Inner Focus, and here is how it works:  

“You can see other Survivor’s Scratch Marks within a 32 meter range of you. Whenever another Survivor loses a health state within 32 meter range of you, the Killer’s aura is revealed to you for 3/4/5 seconds.” 

It is interesting to see another perk that allows Survivors to see Scratch Marks. You can use Inner Focus for altruistic purposes, or to try and avoid the Killer if they are too close for comfort. Inner Focus can be used in Flashlight builds, as it can help you quickly locate the Killer if they down a Survivor near you. However, I think Inner Focus is a weak perk because perks like Bond and Empathy are far more powerful in helping you find your team. Why would you want to follow Scratch Marks when you can see Survivor auras instead? 


Residual Manifest 

Haddie’s second unique perk is Residual Manifest, here is how it works:  

“After a successful Blind action, the Killer is affected by the Blindness status effect for 20/25/30 seconds. This perk grants the ability to rummage through an opened chest once per trial.” 

Residual Manifest gives a new meaning to Flashlight blinding. It directly counters the perk Lightborn which reveals Survivor auras when they blind the Killer. The Blindness status effect can certainly hinder a lot of Killer perks. In many situations Killers may have to choose to wait out the Blindness to use their perk, or just accept the fact they will not get aura reading. After all, waiting 30 seconds just to use one perk is a long time. 

But I don’t think players will run Residual Manifest for the Blindness effect, instead they will run it for that free Flashlight. Pair this with Built to Last and Survivors can get a lot of Flashlight use during a game, especially if they bring in a Flashlight. 



Haddie’s third unique perk is Overzealous, here is how it works: 

“After cleansing any totem, this perk activates. Your generator repair speed is increased by 4/5/6%. This perk deactivates when you lose a health state by any means.” 

Overzealous has potential to be very useful, or useless in a game. For maximum effectiveness, Survivors will need to use Small Game or a Map to help them quickly find a Totem. Once Overzealous is active, the Survivor must focus on doing generators and staying hidden. To help with this, Survivors can run stealthy perks such as Urban Evasion. 

One perk that is great for avoiding the Killer is Spine Chill. This perk will let you know when the Killer is looking in your direction. So if Spine Chill is lighting up then you know the Killer is most likely coming your way. If you want to make a fast generator build, you can also use Toolboxes and Prove Thyself.


These are all the perks Haddie Kaur brings to Dead by Daylight. I hope this guide has helped you out and stay tuned for more Dead by Daylight guides. If you want to take a look at the new Killer, the Dredge, I have prepared dedicated guides for his power and his perks.

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