Hammerting beginner tips and basics for new players

If you’ve ever wondered what it would take to construct those massive underground fortresses from Lord of the Rings, Hammerting can give you an idea. It’s a fun, albeit intimidating game. It does not hold your hand. If you don’t master the fundamentals quickly, the game can slip away from you sooner than you’re prepared. All this said, here are some Hammerting beginner tips to help you get into the flow of the game.

Use the pause button!

That’s what it’s there for. The game can sometimes run away from you if you let it, especially if you’re perusing certain menus. While the game pauses for full screen menus such as the overworld map, viewing menus for individual buildings do not pause the game. Therefore, use that pause button if you need to spend time on building menus. This will help you get a handle on crafting ingredient lists, so you can plan which ingredients to harvest and use.

Of course, that’s not all the pause button is good for. Sometimes when  you encounter uncertain terrain, it helps to pause so you can plan your way through it. This way you can make a plan and avoid having your dwarves’ stats drain away.


Make a plan

When you encounter new areas, it helps to plan a few things in advance before you go spelunking. These things include how your dwarves will get down, and how to get them out. Scaffolding staircases are your best friend for both purposes. Making a plan also applies to picking where you’re constructing your buildings. You want to make sure your dwarves can get to them at all times, because they physically have to go to these buildings for them to work.

Of course, sometimes it can be hard to plan when you don’t know what much of the map looks like. It pays to keep exploring so you can make new plans for your dwarven fortress. And the best way to explore is to…

Just keep digging!

This tip may be fairly obvious, but it’s easy to forget. Unless you’re at the very edge of the map, odds are there’s something behind that apparent wall  you just found. Order  your dwarves to keep pecking away at it. Just keep in mind to dig in such a way that your dwarves don’t get stranded. How do you do that? Aside from the scaffolding staircases mentioned earlier, try to dig in step-like patterns. Forming natural steps is a good way to avoid stranding your dwarves.

It’s important to keep exploring so you can keep fueling your economy and make efficient use of your time. Dwarves get tired, apparently, and they lose morale eventually.


Keep your dwarves busy

Always have your dwarves working in some capacity. There’s a lot of tasks that need to be done, from exploration, to tunneling, to looting whatever you find, etc. Sometimes your dwarves can be stubborn and not get the orders you’ve given them. This is an Early Access game and therefore it still has kinks like that to work out.

That said, keep queuing up the orders and they’ll eventually get the memo. Just make sure your tasks make sense.

Combine these Hammerting beginner tips with the tutorial texts you can access from the Book of Tings in-game, and you’ll be well on your way to constructing a dwarven city to rival Moria.

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