Hitman 3 beginners guide – tips and tricks for new players

Hitman 3 is the culmination of IO Interactive’s World of Assassination trilogy. Over the past five years, this pseudo reboot of the franchise has taken players across the globe to take on a series of contracts. Hitman 3 will once again welcome players into the shadowy world of professional assassination, and guide them through its many intricacies.

At its core, Hitman 3 is a stealth-puzzle game with a multitude of ways to accomplish objectives. While donning Agent 47’s iconic black suit, red tie, and a silenced pistol, players will infiltrate large open maps, tailing and assassinating their targets. Hitman 3 offers six distinct locations: Dubai, Dartmoor, Berlin, Chongqing, Mendoza, and Romania.

If Hitman 3 is your first outing as the bald master assassin, it may be a bit daunting. Despite having played nearly every Hitman game that has been developed, I still find myself a bit overwhelmed when taking my first steps on a fresh map. There is so much to explore, see, and interact with. It’s enough to make your head spin as you begin to take in the environments around you. On top of that, you have contracts to complete.

I’ve put together a Hitman 3 beginners guide to assist you. If this is your first time playing a Hitman game or you feel like you need a reminder of what Agent 47 can do, you’ve come to the right place.

Complete the ICA Facility Tutorial

Back when Hitman (2016) released, an prologue mission was included that acted as a tutorial for players. The ICA Training Facility tutorial is once again available, and should be your first stop if you have never played a Hitman game.

In the short, 10-15 minute long tutorial, Agent 47 is tasked with taking out a singular target. His handler, Diana Burnwood, assists over an earpiece and provides some much-needed tips along the way. In Hitman 3, Diana will guide players on occasion but leave a lot for players to discover on their own. The tutorial is where  players can get a sense of the main gameplay mechanics and core loop of the game. Silent takedowns, using disguises, and blending into the environment are all covered.

There is even a Freeform version of the tutorial to play if you want to experiment and branch out. This is where you can begin to create more complex assassination scenarios, or strive to complete the tutorial as a Silent Assassin by not blowing your cover.

Use disguises often

Disguises are the go-to way to infiltrate many areas of the map without trespassing. In Hitman 3’s Dubai location, for example, a security guard uniform will let you explore many of the areas that are not accessible to Agent 47 and other guests attending the event.

In Hitman, disguises are designed to work in almost a tiered system. A lower-level disguise – say, a bartender – will let you get into some of the inaccessible areas of the map, but not all. What it will allow you to do is get closer to the aforementioned security guards with ease. From there, you can take their outfit and access even more areas. Though, you’ll still be caught if you try to get into a private suite or office of your target. However, you can use the guard outfit to knock out and disguise yourself as a private soldier.

Experiment with the outfits and test the boundaries of each. You’ll know you’ve hit a limit if you begin raising suspicion, or if other guards tell you an area is off-limits to you. Though, be cautious of enforcers on the map. They can be picked out by the white circle over their heads. These NPCs can see through your disguise and will begin alerting others if you are found trespassing.

Coins are your best friend

As you’re starting your first playthrough of Hitman 3, you won’t have many tools and weapons to bring along with you. One item in particular that you should always use is the coins.

Using coins is the most reliable way of distracting enemy NPCs. While you can bring a set of coins along with you while preparing for a mission, you can often find coins littered around the map. Coins can be thrown by Agent 47 to grab the attention of a single NPC or multiple NPCs at a time. When thrown within the vicinity of an NPC, they will walk over to it and pick it up. You can then use this time to sneak past a door or area they were guarding.

Coins are also a valuable resource to lure an NPC away from a group. You can throw a coin behind a wall or other obstruction. As they walk over out of sight of their friends, you can quietly take them out and dispose of the body.

Like with anything else in Hitman 3, you should experiment with how coins can be used. In some cases, coins can be used to lure your target to an area which you can set up an accidental kill. Throw a coin right under a hanging chandelier. When your target reaches to get their greedy little hands on it, cut the cord on the chandelier and skulk away like the stealthy operative you are.

Prioritize Mission Stories

Nearly all missions in Hitman 3 have a series of Mission Stories that can be completed. Hitman players will likely recognize them as being called Opportunities, but they have been rebranded.

Mission Stories opens up a step-by-step guide in Hitman 3, which leads down paths to assassinate your targets. It’s highly encouraged to prioritize as many Mission Stories as you can the first time you tackle a mission. They serve as a fantastic introduction to the map, key NPCs, as well as set up some awesome gameplay moments.

In your menu, you can select one Mission Story at a time, which will bring up an aqua lightbulb on the map. This will direct you to eavesdrop on a conversation and open up the guided path. Continue to follow the instructions in the top-left corner of your screen and before you know it, you’ll have some blood on your hands.

On top of having some guidance along the way, the completion of Mission Stories is also tied to challenges, which will help you level up and unlock new items, disguises and starting locations.

Complete as many challenges as possible

Challenges are the main progression system in Hitman 3. Completion of each challenge will award you XP and begin unlocking new items and locations. These will then make your next playthrough a bit more varied, as you can rework your entire plan of execution.

To be honest, challenges are a lot of fun to complete. Though, it’s a bit overwhelming how many individual challenges there are in a given mission. It’s hard to concentrate on just one, so I find that it helps to organize a bit of a plan. Once you start to learn the ins and outs of a map, you’ll have a better understanding of which challenges you can complete along the way. Some challenges are as simple as finding a specific item on the map, or disguising yourself as a specific NPC. Others are a little more complex. One that comes to mind is the Flying Monkey Business challenge.  To complete it, you must place a banana at a very specific spot so your target slips while evacuating.

A lot of the challenges can be rewarding and can get the creative juices flowing. As a single run of Hitman 3 isn’t very long, challenges are the incentive to go back and try new things. While Hitman is a stealth-oriented game, you can have a lot of fun with its inner workings.

Stick around for more Hitman 3 content!

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