The banana is the best Hitman 3 weapon to use in the Dubai mission

Hitman 3 offers many items to use on your missions as a killer for hire, though it’s the more unconventional ones – like the banana – that sometimes reign supreme. We’re only half-joking; the banana is quite versatile, making it an appealing tool. This is especially true in the Dubai mission in Hitman 3.

In the mission titled On Top of the World, Agent 47 infiltrates one of the tallest skyscrapers in Dubai. Tasked with assassinating two heads of the shadowy Providence empire, Agent 47 will come across many items – like the wrench, screwdriver – to help him. However, also located on the map are three bananas. They can be used to distract guards and hit enemies, and are even integral in completing Dubai’s challenges.

Where to find the bananas

To find the three bananas, you’ll have to search all across the map. The first one can be found in the basement in the staff briefing room. If you’ve already levelled up your Dubai mastery, you’ve likely unlocked this shortcut. This means you can load straight into the briefing room disguised as an event staff member. Ready to be picked up in front of you is the banana.

On the second floor is another security office. Seems as though the Dubai guards need their potassium. If you’re suited up as a guard, you can walk right up and take it without much fuss.

A third banana can be found in Carl Ingram’s security room. It’s a small room on one of the higher levels. If you have a guard disguise you can easily follow the signs and step into the room. On the table near a guard is the coveted fruit. Since the guard is sleeping, you can grab it and split.

Distracting guards

Like pop cans, coins, and other items, bananas can be thrown to distract guards that may be guarding a room. As you would any other item, you can throw it in the vicinity you want the guard to go, and they’ll investigate.

The only downside to throwing a banana is that it’ll explode on impact. This is also true if you decide to throw the delicious fruit at an enemy’s head, knocking them down. The NPC will eventually get back up after the banana has exploded on their dome. This leaves you empty-handed afterwards. However, given how utterly hilarious the visual is, the trade-off is beyond worth it.

Serving up a banana split

Sure you can throw a banana for comical and strategic effect, but bananas are in short supply. Instead, it’s much better to close in and deliver a stealthy bonk on the head to unsuspecting NPCs.

Bananas can be used as melee weapons to a great degree. Like any other item, you can knock an enemy out swiftly with it, and drag them to a secure area to be disposed of. For some reason, the banana won’t explode after being used to knock someone out cold. I’m not going to argue the logic, as I trust IO Interactive knows what they are doing.

You can also just go on a tear and begin knocking out enemies left right and center with the banana. Hitman 3 encourages the player to have fun, so take advantage of it with the banana.

Slip and fall

The most interesting mechanic the banana offers is the ability to make enemies slip on the peel and fall over. This isn’t a regular mechanic that’s commonly seen in Hitman 3. In fact, the game doesn’t even explain to you that such a mechanic exists. Though, once you experiment with it, you can set up some hilarious and effective engagements.

Having an enemy slip on a banana peel isn’t as simple as dropping the item on the ground and waiting. There’s a hidden option in the game to “place” an item down. On Xbox, you have to press and hold the LB+RB buttons to bring up the option. On PlayStation, it’s the L1+R1, and on PC, you’ll hit the Caps Lock key.

The highlight of using the banana in such a way is that it will not draw suspicion after an enemy slips. Your prey will be knocked out and it will be considered an accident, so other guards won’t come storming in searching for you.

This strategy is especially important when completing the Flying Monkey Business challenge. Once a lockdown has been set in the hotel, your two targets will try to leave the building, and their only available exit is by parachute. The two will grab their chutes and head to the large penthouse balcony. Near the golf clubs, a banana must be placed on the ground in a very specific spot. Afterwards, the fleeing targets will slip and fall off the building to their death. Once completed, you’ll be rewarded for finishing the Flying Monkey Business challenge.

A banana can be found on nearly all maps of Hitman 3. However, given how intrinsically tied the item is to the Dubai challenge, bananas are the best item to use during that mission.

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