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How Boon Totems work in Dead by Daylight

In this guide, I am going to explain how the newly-added Boon Totems work in Dead by Daylight. Boon Totems are the Survivors’ version of Hex perks, though they follow slightly different rules. I will go over everything you need to know about Boon Totems so you can be prepared to play with or against them.  

When a Survivor has a Boon Totem perk equipped they have the ability to bless a Dull or Hex Totem. Blessing a Dull Totem takes 14 seconds and will turn the totem into a Boon Totem; blessing a Hex Totem takes 24 seconds. If the Survivor blesses a Hex Totem it will be considered cleansed and never come back, even if the Killer snuffs out the Boon Totem later.

Once a totem has been blessed everyone will hear a unique sound, letting players know a Boon Totem is in play. The Boon Totem creates a 24-meter blue field around it to indicate its area of effect, and emits a unique sound. All Survivors will have the aura of the Boon Totem revealed to them. Any Survivors within this blue field will have the edges of their screen tinted blue, a positive hex icon will appear on their screen, and they will see blue particle effects floating around.

Note, that if the areas of effect of multiple Boon Totems overlap, their effects will not stack with each other.


The Killer does not see any of these effects but they can hear the Boon Totem. When the Killer finds the Boon Totem they can perform a quick action to snuff it out. This will deactivate the Boon Totem and all perks it powers. Survivors can bless another totem if the Killer snuffs their Boon out.   

Each Survivor can only have one Boon Totem active at a time in their Dead by Daylight trial, and the Boon Totem will power all of the Boon perks the Survivor has equipped. . The Survivor can change the location of their Boon Totem whenever they want by finding another Dull or Hex Totem and blessing it. This will deactivate the previous Boon Totem.

When a Survivor is sacrificed, killed, or disconnects from the game their Boon Totem will be immediately deactivated.


You may be wondering how Boon Totems interact with certain Killer perks such as Hex: Haunted Ground, or Hex: Undying. Well, whenever a Hex Totem is blessed and turned into a Boon Totem, this counts as cleansing in regards to Killer Hex perks. This means when Hex: Haunted Ground is blessed it will trigger the perks effect as if it had been cleansed, and all Survivors will be Exposed. The same thing goes for Hex: Undying. If a Hex Totem is blessed it will be transferred to the Hex: Undying totem.  

That is how Boon Totems work in Dead by Daylight. If you want to see Boon Totems in action check out my video below.

Mikaela's Perks, Boon Totems, Hatch+Key Nerf Explained! | Dbd PTB 5.3

Mikaela Reid is the Survivor bringing the first set of Boon Totem perks into Dead by Daylight. To check out how her perks work take a look at my guide about her.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more Dead by Daylight guides.

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