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How to 4k with the Blight in Dead by Daylight

The Blight is a complicated Killer with 4k potential that was introduced in Dead by Daylight in the Descend Beyond chapter. His power gives him great map control, but it can be difficult to secure hits onto Survivors with it.

This is why I am going to give you all my tips for playing the Blight in Dead by Daylight, including what perks and add-ons to use, so you can 4k every game.

Using the Blight’s Power

The Blight’s power is Blighted Corruption. When you press the power button, the Blight will go into a rush and cannot attack. If you run into a wall or object during the rush, you can choose to perform a lethal rush. Preforming a lethal rush will cause you to rush forwards again, but this time you can damage a Survivor by pressing your basic attack button. The Blight can only perform a maximum of five rushes in total. At the end of each rush the Blight suffers from a short fatigue and his power goes on cooldown.

To use his power effectively you need to have good map knowledge, since Blighted Corruption is dependent on running into obstacles. You will need to know how to bounce off certain objects to get across the map. Another thing to remember, is that the Blight’s power can be used for mobility, and not just as a method of injuring Survivors. So if you are not in a chase with anyone, use it to get across the map. This will give you great map pressure.

When you are playing the Blight, practice using his power. See how much you can turn during a rush, and at what angles you can bounce off objects. Another thing to look out for are objects that have hitboxes bigger than their model. One example of this is the crane on the Autohaven Wreckers maps. The hitbox of the crane is slightly lower on its claw. So if a Survivor hugs the crane, you can accidentally bump into the invisible hitbox with your power.

As for using his power in chases, this requires more practice. If the Survivor is ever stuck in a hallway or another tight space where they cannot avoid you, then you can get a free hit with lethal rush. Besides this, landing lethal rush hits comes down to predicting Survivor movements. If you know a Survivor always takes straight paths, they will be an easy target for you. But if the Survivor is more cautious and sticks around objects to block you, then you should just chase them. Practice makes perfect with the Blight’s power.

The Blight’s add-ons

His best add-ons are the ultra rare Compound Thirty-Three and uncommon Canker Thorn. Compound Thirty-Three makes Survivors within 16 meters of a Slam suffer from the Hindered status effect for 3 seconds. Slamming pallets or breakable walls will destroy them and stun the Blight for 1.5 seconds. This is powerful because the Hindered status effect will slow down Survivors significantly.

blight addons dead by daylight

The Canker Thorn moderately increases recovery speed after a Rush. This makes the Canker Thorn the perfect combo with Compound Thirty-Three, since you can slam into an object next to the Survivor, and then recover from the slam quickly, allowing you to capitalize on the hindered effect you just applied on the Survivor. If you do not have the Canker Thorn, then the uncommon Foxglove can work well. This add-on also increases recovery speed after a Rush, although less so.

If you do not have a lot of Compound Thirty-Three saved up, you do have other options. Just do not use any add-ons that increase rush turn rate or slam duration. Both of these upgrades barely make any difference.

Another good combo is the rare Blighted Crow and uncommon Blighted Rat, which both increase Rush speed for each consecutive Rush. Stacking these two add-ons together gives you maximum speed through each rush. Just be careful using these, as it will mess with using the power, since you will go a lot faster than normal. But if you can adjust to the new speed quickly, you can have amazing map pressure.

If you are still trying to get used to the Blight’s power, then try using the common Chipped Monocle. This add-on will display the target location of Slam, allowing you to learn how to aim the Blight’s Rushes. Another interesting add-on is the common Compound Seven. This Dead by Daylight add-on will make the Blight automatically face the nearest Survivor within 16 meters after a Slam. This helps figure out the location of Survivors.

Another good add-on is the very rare Alchemist’s Ring, which makes hitting a Survivor with Lethal Rush instantly recharge all Rush tokens. This will allow you to double-hit Survivors with your Lethal Rush to down them quickly. Another bonus of this add-on is that if multiple Survivors are grouped up, you can get even more hits out. This add-on can be hard to use effectively if you are not good with Lethal Rush hits yet.

The last add-on I recommend is the rare Adrenaline vial. This add-on will tremendously reduce turn rate while Rushing, tremendously increase token regeneration rate, increase Rush tokens by two, and considerably increase maximum look angle while Rushing. You run this add-on purely for the increased token regeneration rate, and the addition of two Rush tokens. With 7 rush charges total, this add-on gives you a lot more power. This is another skill-based add-on only works if you are able to land Lethal Rush hits.

The Blight Perks

Now for the perks you should consider for the Blight in Dead by Daylight. Hex: Ruin, Hex: Undying, and Tinkerer make a strong combination. With Tinkerer you can tell which gen is close to being finished, and Rush to it while having the Undetectable status effect. This should give you a free Lethal Rush hit most of the time. When you chase the Survivors off the generator, Hex: Ruin will take over. If the Survivors hunt for your Hex: Ruin, then Hex: Undying will protect it.

As for the final perk, you have a lot of options. You can do BBQ and Chili to know where Survivors are after hooking, or just for the extra bloodpoints. Or if you want a full-on generator build, you can run Surveillance, which will let you know when any generators regressed by Ruin are being worked on.

To be a sneaky Killer, you can run Monitor and Abuse to have a smaller terror radius, which gives the Survivors less time to react when you come rushing in out of nowhere. A great perk for knowing Survivor locations is Deathbound, which lets you know some Survivors have finished a heal. Just Rush over to them and you will find some Survivors to chase.

the blight perk loadout 4k blight dead by daylight

Another option is to run Dark Devotion, but you will need to hit your Obsession to activate it. Once you get the Undetectable from hitting your Obsession, go around the map looking for Survivors to catch off guard. Since the Blight’s power allows him to cross the map quickly, he does not lose a lot of pressure by doing this.

If chases are giving you trouble, then run Bamboozle to block windows. There is no need for Brutal Strength if you have Compound Thirty-Three.

Something to keep in mind when choosing perks for the Blight, is that his Lethal Rush attack does not count as a basic attack. So the Blight will not get use of perks that trigger off basic attacks, such as Save the Best for Last, Sloppy Butcher, and Knockout. The only exceptions I would say are Dark Devotion, since it gives a powerful effect, and Franklin’s Demise. Just remember to use your basic attack instead of a Lethal Rush attack to trigger these.

This is just what I suggest when starting out on the Blight – feel free to experiment with other perk builds. I hope this guide will help improve your Blight gameplay in Dead by Daylight. If you are looking for more guides on Dead by Daylight, you are in luck because I have tons more to help you out.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more Dead by Daylight content! A new Killer is going to be introduced soon – I will make sure to cover everything you need to know about them!

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