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How to be a f*cking rat in Dead by Daylight | Guide

Y'all still remember Animorphs?

If you’re reading this I’m going to assume that like me, you didn’t get enough affection and validation from your parents growing up, so now you take it out on strangers in online games. Welcome to the Dead by Daylight rat build guide, prepare to be reported by Killers.

I’ve played Dead by Daylight since launch and I’ve learned a lot in my time. In my infinite wisdom and experience, I have devised the perfect build for players like me – and hopefully the start of a series, if my editor doesn’t fire me.

Let’s get started, shall we? And before we do, I should note that some of this build is very Nea-centric as I almost exclusively play her. I’m like a method actor, really.

Let’s begin with perks

Urban Evasion: It is imperative that you take this, because the build just doesn’t even work without it. If you want to be a rat you have to crouch and crawl your way around like one. Have you ever seen a rat skittering around on its hind legs? Didn’t think so.

Streetwise: If you’re gonna be scurrying around gen rushing you’re going to need to speed it up a little bit. Might as well make that Toolbox last as long as possible, right?

Plunderer’s Instinct: Rats are opportunists, they see food and they take it without arousing suspicion. This is your life now. Don’t be afraid to use up your Toolbox! Once it’s gone use Plunderer’s Instinct to find yourself a brand new one – or anything, really. If you spawn more chests, even better – embrace your new loot goblin identity.

Alternatively, you could take Built to Last to regenerate that Toolbox – more Toolbox means more generators finished early.

Dead by Daylight stealth

I have a few different suggestions for your fourth perk.

  • Boon: Shadow Step could be good but might also be counterintuitive since the Killer will be looking for the Boon Totem.
  • Deception is good for diverting attention away from where you intend to go (Diversion works for this too!)
  • Balanced Landing is one you ideally won’t have to use since you aren’t being chased. However, it can be good for a mad dash to the Exit Gates.
  • Fast Track – it’s selfish, I know, but now you are too.
  • Dark Sense makes Killer avoidance a little easier.

At this point you may be asking yourself “Kevin, how is this any different from a stealth build?” Well, most stealth builds I’ve seen incorporate what I like to call a f*ck up button. This means they think the build is subject to failure, and this is where we differ. You won’t fail. You don’t need a f*ck up button because this build will work 100% of the time.


You’ll want to go for the darkest possible outfits on whatever character you’re playing to keep yourself under the radar. If you’re also playing Nea then you should take the Oversized Beanie, Scotch Comfy Shirt, and Low Rider Jeans. That’s been my mainstay since the beginning, before all these new costumes. In fairness, at the time it was her stealthiest set of clothing. If you’re spending money on Dead by Daylight then you can wear what you want! For optimal stealth though, wear dark clothes and take the flattest headgear or hairstyle so the killer doesn’t spot your head from behind a box.

I should also note that the female player models are shorter than the male ones. Keep this in mind when you attempt your rodent-based acts of terror.


Just because we’re being stealthy doesn’t mean we’re not making an impact. I myself am usually the designated Gen-Jockey in my squad, hence the toolboxes. While this does make a ton of noise, Urban Evasion generally lets you sneak out undetected. Just remember to stick to walls and other obstacles while using the third-person camera to your full advantage.

Items and Attachments

Toolboxes. Duh.

OK, fine. Maps can be helpful for Generator-hunting. Technically anything works, but the Toolbox lets you scurry away sooner with how fast you’re finishing Generators. For Attachments, take anything that gives you charges or buffs your speed. I’m personally a fan of Brand New Part, for obvious reasons.

Dead by Daylight gen rush items
Absolutely infallible.


If you really want to stay away from the Killer (which is why you’re here) take Vigo’s Shroud. This will spawn you as far away from the killer as possible, which gives you a big headstart on generators.

I’m also a pretty big fan of the Reagents for thickening the mist. Sure, you’ll have a harder time seeing the Killer, but they’ll also have a harder time seeing you. Then you can hit ‘em with a rat attack. Just to be clear, the rat attack is gen-rushing… or a firecracker if you want to have some fun.

Lastly, you can take one of the Coin offerings for an extra chest to rifle through, or any of the objective or general Bloodpoint modifiers for that sweet, sweet crimson cash.

Scurry, skitter, rat it up

For optimal results, play with at least one or two other dependable people. If you use this build in solo games one of two things is bound to happen. Either you get yelled at and berated, or you don’t even make it out. The latter could be for any number of reasons: general incompetence, being trash, or literally inting. Having comms is always better, and if you have a good distraction player it really helps.

Now that I’ve armed you with this knowledge and set some nice, low expectations for you, you should get out there, piss off some killers, and make me proud. This may be the Entity’s realm, but it’s a rat’s world.

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