How to best use Bronze, Silver, and Gold orders in Enlisted

I first wrote about Enlisted back in December 2020, and I wrote about how it had some serious potential to be one of the best games in its genre. Well, it’s been a while and the game is still looking pretty good, especially now that the open beta was released and everyone can play it for free.

Having stayed with the game right from the start, I got to learn all there is, and it’s my solemn responsibility to share my knowledge with you guys. I’ve already given you the beginners’ guide, but today I want to focus on the Logistics system – mainly Bronze, Silver and Gold orders in Enlisted. This guide should help you learn where to spend your orders and how the new system works so that you can use it to its fullest extent, without wasting hard-earned Silver and Gold orders in Enlisted.

How does the Logistics system work?

So, the new Logistics system has three different types of orders: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. All three of these apply to troops and weaponry. It is up to you to choose how to spend those orders, but keep in mind that some of them – especially the Gold orders – are hard to come by, so wasting them on subt-par items is a no-no.

Getting Bronze orders and using them

You get Bronze orders by completing battle tasks, which you can do on an endless loop each day. Once you complete enough of those tasks, you will automatically upgrade your battle pass and be rewarded some Silver orders. This battle pass can be upgraded once a day, or three times a day if you pay for it. At level 40 and then again at level 50, you will be awarded Gold orders.

Bronze orders can be used in equipment and random weapons or troops. If you buy a random weapons delivery, you will get a weapon that can go from tier 1 all the way to tier 3. I am not sure what the odds are of getting a top-tier weapon, but from my experience, they aren’t that good, as all I’ve gotten so far has been tier 1 and tier 2 weapons. That, combined with the fact that you can’t even select between weapon types, makes it kind of a bust for me. And the same goes for troops.

Silver and Gold orders in Enlisted

Using Bronze orders will allow you to get troops within the Random troop reinforcement, so you could be getting something really good, really bad, or something in between. Since I’m not the luckiest of people, I prefer to use my Bronze orders on things I know I will get, rather than hoping for the best.

What do I mean by that? I’ve decided to use my Bronze orders only on equipment, and you’d do well to do the same. That way, you will always know what you are getting, and there is a lot to choose from in the equipment section. So don’t waste your bronze orders on random troops and weaponry, and focus on med kits, backpacks, and throwables.

Don’t be shy in using your Bronze orders to get equipment, as equipping your troops with med kits early on will help you during matches. In fact, it might just be the trick to keep your squad around.

Getting Silver orders and using them

Silver orders can be used to unlock any Enlisted campaign box or item you choose. Unlike the Random weapons delivery, you get to choose the specific item you want, so if you were looking into a Lee-Enfield No. 4 MK I rifle, then that is exactly what you will get. The only thing that is not established from the start is the level of the weapon, which you will only find out when you purchase it.

The good thing about Silver orders when it comes to troops is that you will always get troop reinforcements of a minimum level of 2, and they can go all the way to level 5. With the Bronze troop orders, you could get a low 1, so Silver is the way to go.

Silver and Gold orders in Enlisted

I admit that most of my silver orders go towards Troopers, as they are the ones that fill out your squads. Don’t be tempted to get more than one Fighter Pilot, as you can only use one plane in a match, and you’d just be wasting money. The same goes for Tankers and Engineers.

Getting Gold orders and using them

Gold orders can and should be used for two purposes in Enlisted: buying max troops, and buying top-tier weapons. They allow you to get the best of the best, but I would advise you to keep Gold orders in stock until you are absolutely sure of what you need, as they don’t come by very often.

Take your time to assess what it is your squads need the most, and only then spend your Silver and Gold orders in Enlisted, otherwise you might be wasting them, and there is no going back.

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