How to best use your Photo Camera in Phasmophobia

Smile for the camera!

Making money in Phasmophobia is absolutely essential for keeping you equipped to hunt ghosts. We have a full guide on how to make money in Phasmophobia, and in this article we’ll instead focus specifically on how to make the most out of your Photo Camera. Just make sure not to ask the ghost to say “cheese!”

Photo Camera = $$$

The Photo Camera is a key tool for making almost all of your money in Phasmophobia. It does nothing for gathering evidence, but can slowly rack up a nice payday and tons of experience points if you use it right. Before factoring difficulty multipliers, each photo is worth $5 per subject.

You can bring a maximum of three Photo Cameras that contain five shots each every game. Make sure to save your film for important moments, so you’re not walking out of the location empty-handed.

The Photo Camera is point-and-click, so there’s no zooming or framing. Here are the potential photo evidence subjects:

  • Ghost
  • Bone
  • Ghost interaction (moving doors or items, radio playing, ghost writing in book)
  • Fingerprints
  • Footprints
  • Dirty Water
  • Ouija Board
  • Dead body
bone phasmophobia money
Photo of a Bone + Bone Evidence = Profit!

Multiple photos of the same event won’t stack money, so try to clear the categories above with a solid photo that represents a specific subject only once. Even if you witness multiple ghost interactions, it will only credit you for the first photo taken of an interaction.

Phasmophobia will not reward you if it can’t recognize the subject of the photo. If you think you have a photo of a ghost or ghost interaction, but the game decides not to label it, you will not receive any money for the snapshot.

Use film wisely

Give the photo camera to someone who knows how to use it. We all have that one friend that enjoys wasting photos on selfies or accidentally snaps a picture when they get scared. Make sure that person doesn’t have the photo camera. You know who you are.

If you’re confident you took all the photos you need, feel free to use the remaining shots for memes and hilarious photos. Some of the photos you can capture are sometimes worth the laugh, so don’t be hesitant to go on a bare bones run of a location looking for that golden photo.

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