How to break walls in Biomutant

Got stuck because you can’t break walls in Biomutant? Say no more! I will tell you exactly how to break walls in BioMutant! In fact, it is such an easy solution, you will be thinking to yourself, “How did I miss that?”


Alrighty then, the first step to breaking walls in BioMutant is to… do your main game missions, or more specifically, the Out of Control Room main quest. This quest is part of the early on missions, but surprisingly enough, it is easy to miss.

Anyway, you need to do this quest because to break walls, you will need a specific item, known as the Old World Klonkfist.

So, you head inside the old subway station and have a look around, looting whatever you feel it’s worth it, and then you head towards the mission point, which will lead you to a room where you will find an emergency box.

Inside that box is the Old World Klonkfist. Now that you have it, you are one step closer to breaking the walls blocking your progress.

How to use the Klonkfist

Using the Klonkfist to break walls is pretty simple. All you have to do is have it equipped, and then hold down the right mouse button and release it whenever you are close to the wall you wish to smash.

Don’t be spooked if the wall doesn’t break on the first try, just keep repeating the process until the wall completely crumbles.

Once you’re done with that, just unequip it and keep doing what you were doing. And that’s it, you are now free to smash through all the walls you want, or at least the ones Biomutant allows you to destroy.

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