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How to build a strong team in Genshin Impact

Team building is a core mechanic in Genshin Impact. Winning fights relies on you having a well built team that has abilities that synergize with each other. Well rounded teams make fights easier and also make the game more enjoyable. Here is how to build an optimal team in Genshin Impact.

Elemental reactions

When two elements combine, an elemental reaction occurs. Some of these buffs decrease the resistance of enemies while others deal AOE damage. Knowing how characters interact with each other can allow you to output more damage, and pull of some really flashy moves.

Superconduct, Overload and Melt are some of the strongest elemental reactions in the game.

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Use what you have

There is no cut and dry way to build a team. Every character is viable to a certain extent if built correctly. The best way to have an optimal team is to use what the best characters you have and be aware of what elemental reactions you can create and what elemental resonances you have active.

Elemental resonance

Running two of the same element on a team also gives a bonus to certain stats. Team comps that run double Pyro or double Cryo are great for damage, while a double Anemo team is great for exploration. Make sure that your playstyle fits what elemental resonance you have activated.

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Run a healer

While running a healer is not needed for exploring, it is a must-have in late game activities like boss fights and Spiral Abyss. Here are some of the best healers so far:

  • Barbara is one of the best healers in Genshin Impact thanks to her ability to burst-heal the whole team.
  • Noelle is a solid healer that can be picked up off the Beginner Wish Banner. Her Geo shield absorbs damage while also healing up her team.
  • Diona is a Cryo archer who excels at stopping damage. Her AOE ult has great single target healing while also dishing out damage.
  • Jean is arguably the best healer in Genshin Impact with a strong elemental burst that has great sustain for whoever is on the field. She also has the ability to heal her team off of her basic attacks.
  • Qiqi has steady heals for her entire team. She can place marks on enemies that allow you to heal up whoever is on the battlefield.

How to build an optimal team

To summarize, here are the four rules to creating a strong Genshin Impact team:

  1. Have at least three elemental reactions at your disposal.
  2. Build your team around what you have and who you feel comfortable playing.
  3. Know what each elemental resonance does.
  4. Healers are your best friend and make the game easier.

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