How to catch Cobalion in Pokemon The Crown Tundra

The Crown Tundra has brought Cobalion, Virizion, and Terrakion back into Pokemon Sword and Shield. But you cannot capture them through Dynamax adventures. Instead, you must find all their footprints to pinpoint their spawn location. Then you can go to their spawn point and see them wandering the area. In this article I will be telling you how to catch Cobalion.

Unlocking Cobalion

First you must uncover 100% progress of the Iron Will Pokemon’s footprints. If you need help with this, then check out my guide showing you how to find these footprints. After that you talk to Sonia and she will discover the location of Cobalion. Now Cobalion will spawn in the world and can be caught. Luckily, Cobalion does have a set spawn so it is easy to find it.

Fly to the Regieleki and Regidrago temple if you have it as a flight point. If not, then make your way to the Frigid Sea. Go to the island in the Frigid Sea and at the top of the hill sits Cobalion. It is possible to shiny hunt and mark hunt Cobalion. To learn more about what marks are, and how to mark hunt, check out our mark hunting guide giving you all the details.

Before engaging in battle with Cobalion you need to make sure you are prepared.

Cobalion spawn location the crown tundra

Preparing to Catch Cobalion

Make sure to bring plenty or Revives and Max Restores, just in case you find yourself in a bad position. As for Pokeballs, the best ones to use are Timer Balls or Dusk Balls. Make sure to bring a Quick Ball as well to throw on the first turn of battle. These are the Pokeballs that have the best capture chances if you just want Cobalion for the Pokedex entry.

Cobalion is a level 70 steel fighting type, and quite a bulky Pokemon. That means you will need strong neutral hitting moves to get Cobalion’s hp down. When Cobalion is in low yellow or red hp, you want to start using False Swipe. T

he best Pokemon for catching other Pokemon is Gallade because of its high attack stat and move pool. Gallade can learn False Swipe, Taunt, Thunder Wave, and Hypnosis, allowing you to choose between paralysis or sleep. Gallade is one of the few Pokemon that has a False Swipe that packs a punch.

The moveset I run on my Gallade is False Swipe, Taunt, Psycho Cut, and Thunder Wave. The only reason I do not run Hypnosis is because of its low accuracy.

You will want Taunt for Cobalion because it knows Swords Dance. This move can quickly turn Cobalion into a huge threat that can sweep through your team. Gallade is also a great choice since all of Cobalion’s moves do not hit Gallade that hard.

If you do not have Gallade there are a few other Pokemon you can use, such as Zeraora and Mew.  The rest of your team should consist of Pokemon that can take Cobalion’s hits without losing too much health.

taunting cobalion the crown tundra

If you want to use Cobalion for competitive play, then you may be after a specific nature. To save yourself 50 battle points, find a Pokemon with the Synchronize ability and the nature you want. If the first Pokemon in your party has Synchronize, there is a 50% chance that Cobalion will have that nature.

Pokemon that have the Synchronize ability are the Gardevoir line, Alakazam line, Musharna line, Xatu line, Espeon, Umbreon, Beheeyem line, and Indeedee Male or Female.

Battling Cobalion

Now that you are ready for the fight, here is what you should do. Start with your Synchronize Pokemon or a Pokemon that can deal neutral damage to Cobalion. This is because Cobalion has good defenses, making False Swipe do very little damage to it. You will want to use other moves to chip away at Cobalion’s health. Then start using False Swipe when it is in the yellow or red hp range.

Before attacking, you should throw a Quick Ball immediately for the chance at catching Cobalion on turn one. If this fails, then paralyze Cobalion or start dealing damage if you would rather put it to sleep later.

You can get lucky and Cobalion will spam Close Combat on your Pokemon. When Cobalion does this, make sure to Taunt it right away, because it will do Swords Dance after to bring its attack back up. This will allow you to chip away at Cobalion’s health much faster, as Close Combat lowers its defenses.

cobalion capture

Remember to Taunt Cobalion every three turns to prevent it from using Swords Dance. Once Cobalion is at red hp you can put it to sleep, if it is not paralyzed, and start throwing Pokeballs. Dusk Balls are the best Pokeball to use if it is night time, and Timer Balls are most effective after 8 turns have passed. Feel free to use any Pokeball you want, these are just the ones with the best capture chances.

There you have it, you now know how to catch Cobalion in Pokemon Sword and Shield: The Crown Tundra. I hope this guide has helped you out, and stay tuned for more guides on The Crown Tundra.

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