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How to change servers in New World

New World features several servers called worlds. These worlds are grouped into world sets, with a restriction regarding the number of characters you can have on each world set. But what if you want to change servers in New World? Being able to change servers in New World is going to be a very useful feature, whether it is to join friends in another world or simply skip the queue of an overcrowded server.

To change server in New World, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your character.
  2. Go to the in-game store and select the Character Transfer category.
  3. Select a new server.

To change server in New World, make sure that your character is ready. It must not be in a Company and have any sell or buy orders at the Trading Post. Your character must be in a sanctuary before changing servers, such as a settlement or outpost.

When you transfer a character from a server to another in New World, it will keep most of its progress. More specifically, characters changing servers in New World keep:

  • All character progression (level, weapon mastery, titles, and so on)
  • Faction alliance and progress
  • Inventory and storage
  • Currency
  • Houses and housing decorations
  • All quest progress

Any Company membership and Trading Post orders will not accompany your character through a server transfer. Your friend list will also disappear, as it is linked to a specific world.

Server transfers have a major limitation: you can only switch between servers from the same region. That means if you have a character on an EU server and want to transfer it to a US server, it is not possible. Each region has its own database, and characters cannot go to a server from another region.

If you want to change servers in New World, you can do so for free. Amazon Games is giving one free token per account to transfer a character to another server. This means that you can switch servers in New World at no cost, but only a single time. There is no information available yet as to how much transfer tokens will cost past that date, so make sure to move your character while it is free of charge.

Server changing was a well-needed feature in New World right from the start. The launch day of New World caused extremely long queue times to join a world, with over 20,000 players waiting for a place on some servers. This prompted New World developer Amazon Games to announce that they would be adding new servers soon to accommodate more players. They will also expand the capacity of existing servers, so everyone can log in.

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