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So, one month into Total War: Troy and I’ve already had time to explore a lot about the game. When I first started, I felt a bit overwhelmed and undecided as to which hero in Total War: Troy to play as. For that reason, today we’re going to go over every hero in Total War: Troy, and help you make that important choice.

Hector, the Prince of Troy

First up is Hector. Hector is a Trojan prince who is famous for having been the best warrior in the Trojan War.

Playing as Hector, I found out that he is best suited for players who like to take their time doing things, by which I mean laying sieges, or wearing their enemies out and striking the moment they have the upper hand.

Plus, he’s got mad diplomacy skills, which is always good for obtaining allies and cooling down some very pissed-off enemies.

Hector - Total War Troy

Paris, yet another Prince of Troy

Paris is Hector’s brother and famous for two reasons. The first is his kidnapping of queen Helena, wife to Menelaus, therefore starting the Great Trojan War which lasted 10 years. The second is that he was the one to kill the great Achilles, by stabbing him in the elbow, obviously.

Unlike his brother Hector, Paris is for the more impulsive players, and those who like to strike fast but from a safe distance. Long-range combat is his specialty, and his leadership is best placed with long-ranged troop units.

Paris - Total War Troy

Aeneas, the Lord of Dardania

Aeneas is a mythical hero of Troy. He was the son of the Anchises and goddess Aphrodite, and was known to be unpredictable in his actions.

In Total War: Troy, this hero is perfect for any player who wants the fortune of the Gods on their side, as he is the only hero in the game to be able to read the Divine Omens.

Another benefit you get from playing Aeneas is the Stygian Voices. Whenever you conquer a region holding ancient heroes’ tombs, as Aeneas you are able to ask those dead heroes for advice and for blessings.

Aeneas - Total War Troy

Sarpedon, the King of Lycia

Sarpedon was the son of Zeus, and therefore lived the life of a warrior. He was very well-known for his valor and prowess in battle.

But fighting was not his only skill: he was also incredibly gifted in the trading arts, and that is what he brings of value to Total War: Troy.

Playing as Sarpedon, players will be able to stockpile valuable resources, and as soon as a settlement is conquered, the game will automatically accumulate those same resources. The player can then spend those resources and receive up to 3 different benefits:

  • White Granite, which reduces the cost of construction.
  • Celestial Iron, which ultimately reduces unit cost and also increases damage dealt to enemies.
  • Minoan Relics, which grant influence and the favor of the Gods and Goddesses.

This character is absolutely perfect for those who like to conquer the world by getting rich and paying their way to the top.

 - Total War Troy

Achilles, Warlord of the Myrmidons

Well, I’m pretty sure everyone has heard of Achilles. Achilles is, without a doubt, the most powerful warrior in the entire Iliad, but he is also quite unpredictable, much like Aeneas.

Achilles is said to be the quickest, most agile warrior, and it shows in the game. This hero is specifically perfect for risk-takers, players who don’t mind how much they stand to lose, and rush forward at the slightest glimpse of victory.

Achilles - Total War Troy

Agamemnon, the King of Mycenae

Agamemnon is an epic hero who commanded the largest fleet on the Aegean sea. He was known for being completely obsessed with power and glory. He wanted to be immortal – not in the literal sense of the word, but rather immortalized in history.

In the game, he has the ability to create vassals in conquered states, either through diplomacy or, you know, the threat of imminent death. Either way, he gets things done. Once he has established vassals, he can use Lion’s Share, which allows Agamemnon to demand tributes from them.

That being said, he is the ideal hero for power-hungry players who like imposing their will on others. A true tyrant player, if I may.

Agamemnon - Total War Troy

Odysseus, the Lord of Ithaca

The king of Ithaca, Odysseus, was a great diplomat and great warrior. He had a very clear preference for using guerrilla tactics in order to defeat his enemies. That means striking from afar with a bow no other could use. He was also an awesome naval strategist, perfect for sea battles.

As for Odysseus as a hero in Total War: Troy, he has the Coastal Mastery ability, which grants the player with unique coastal-settlement buildings available to no other hero.

This hero is best suited for those who like to conquer ports and coastal settlements first, and work their way into the kingdoms’ interior.

Odysseus - Total War Troy

Menelaus, the King of Sparta

We’ve all seen the movie 300 – I hope – and so we all know that Menelaus was an incredible warrior… who just so happened to love ruling his people through fear. He was impossible to beat with his spear, and just loved a good bloody fight.

He has the ability Call to Arms, which helps him recruit units from any military ally in the entire map. He also has the Spartan Settlers ability, allowing him to colonize ruined settlements at zero cost.

Although his personality is blood-thirsty, in the game, Menelaus is perfect for those who prefer diplomacy and political maneuvering to expand their empire.

There you have it! I sincerely hope this list helps you in your choice of hero to play as! Also feel free to check out my Total War: Troy complete beginners guide.

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