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Press 1 to clone. Press 2 to turn into cloud.

Back when I started Warframe in late 2018, I never saw Wukong in missions. I even got one for myself and tried leveling him up, but he was so stale I had to force myself to use him for a while just for the Mastery Rank. Even then, he was too boring to play with and it took forever to level him up.

Two years later, things have certainly changed. After a great rework, he’s a fun Warframe to use. Also Wukong Prime is now a thing, and I see him at least once every three missions, including high-level Sorties.

The Wukong experience summarized

The post-rework Wukong experience in Warframe mainly involves: a clone Wukong fighting by your side, cheating death, the ability to breeze through maps by turning into a cloud, and a great Exalted weapon that can slice through enemies – all without having to spam buttons.

Wukong and the Celestial Twin

I’ve realized that that is one of the best things about the new Wukong: he’s less work than his alternatives. Instead of spamming a combination of keys to Bullet Jump, you can turn into a cloud and move around. Instead of having to spam the melee key to use Excalibur or Baruuk’s Exalted weapons, you can simply press 3, wait, and press it again to kill multiple enemies. On top of that, there’s a second Wukong fighting alongside you without depleting extra resources. He’s not an AFK frame like Hydroid, but he certainly makes everything much simpler.

How to heal your fingers from years of Bullet Jumping

So you’ve chosen to give up Bullet Jumping. You’re tired of spamming that long combination of keys just to go to the back of your ship. You’ve come to the right place. Your journey towards self-healing begins once you have chosen Wukong as your Warframe.

Here’s everything Wukong can do for you:

Passive Ability: Cheat death: Wukong has five techniques at his disposal that come into action whenever he takes fatal damage: 30-sec invisibility, 30-sec invulnerability, 300% elemental damage for 1 min, +loot for 1 min, and 4x Orb boost for 1 min.

Wukong's motto

Wukong can evade death thrice per mission. Three of his five techniques are randomly picked and automatically get activated when Wukong loses all of his health and shields.

Ability 1: Clone yourself: A clone Wukong spawns in front of you. He uses your weapons (but not your resources) and can be spawned an infinite number of times on death.

Wukong’s clone follows you around, likes to fight, mimics you to an extent, and takes the attention away from you. So basically, he’s like a younger sibling (but more useful).

Ability 2: Turn into a cloud for a few seconds: That’s it. You turn into a cloud (along with your twin) and can move around using arrow keys. This ability is amazing to breeze through maps.

I know, Volt and Gauss run faster in an open world environment, but the ease with which Wukong can manoeuvre maps on the main starchart frankly spoils you. No Bullet Jumping. No crashing into walls. Move however you want, in any direction.

Ability 3: Do a cool trick with your staff: Wukong brings out the staff, becomes invulnerable for some time, stores all damage taken, and returns it when you activate the ability again. It’s a great crowd control ability and can kill enemies around you in a wide circle pretty quickly. On top of that, clone Wukong participates in it too!

Wukong and his Twin using Defy (the third ability)
Wukong and his Twin using Defy (the third ability)

Ability 4: Actually get to use the staff: This ability spawns your Exalted Weapon. It’s powerful and clone Wukong does good stuff with it, but it doesn’t feel cool. It’s not that cool to look at, like Excalibur or Baruuk’s Exalted Weapons. I’d rather use Wukong’s third ability over and over again. It’s great and amazing to look at.

For builds, Vitality, Fiber, and Hunter Adrenaline are staple Mods for God-mode Wukong. Aside from those, Wukong benefits the most from +Ability Strength and +Ability Duration. Add Primed Flow for a higher Energy pool, and spec your Wukong depending on the type of mission.

How to get Wukong – which is again, barely any work

The amount of Platinum required to purchase Wukong Prime is so insignificant that if that amount just disappears from your Warframe account one day you won’t even bother to contact customer support.

While it is still new and hasn’t been vaulted, the entire Wukong Prime Set costs you about 28 Platinum.

Collectors, I have good news for you as well – if you’re looking for the base Warframe, you can get it without any effort. In fact, the price is so small, that this time if the amount disappears from your account, you won’t even notice. The entire Wukong set costs 80,000 Credits and can be purchased from your Dojo. Make sure your Clan has him researched, as the Dojo can provide you with other Warframes such as Banshee as well.


Wukong used to be the meh Warframe, and the community was dying for someone to revamp him for a long time. Fast forward a couple of years, he has gone through an incredible rework and is now super popular and highly praised.

That’s right, Wukong pulled a Destiny on all of us.

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